7 secrets to reaping the benefits of change

7 secrets to reaping the benefits of change!

Change is inevitable and a part of our lives. We often dream that it magically changes for the better.

But who among us is not afraid to change for real?

While in reality there are 3 parts of our brain, each quite independent and evolved in different periods

 The primary role of our brain is to keep us alive. And so any change is seen as a threat. That is why it is quite difficult for us to change, our brain prefers the old patterns considering them safer, I will explain the 7 secrets to benefit from change

We are living in a historical moment, when it is change that saves us.


What can we do to live it to the full and use the changes to our advantage?

  • If we can no longer live as before, we can managing change trying to make it more pleasant. I, for example, furnished the balcony, turning it into a children's play area and a study for me. Very little was needed: carpets and cushions on the floor. A coffee table that was a bit too bulky in the living room and a chair with an adjustable coffee table. Everything was part of the living room and I must say that both our balcony and the living room only benefited. I now have a work area that I am excited about and can't wait to get to work! Try to look at your surroundings with a different eye. It also helps to ask yourself the question what would I like to achieve and then how can I do it?


  • Changing habits. Gymnastics on the balcony (my case!), a roller for your bike for indoor training. Drink more water, eat less junk food, go on a diet, organise a fasting day. The time is ideal. If not now then it is better to tell yourself the truth: I will never do it! What I did. Half-hour gymnastics on the balcony and the water reserve prepared for each day that I have to finish by the end of the day.




  • During the day finding the time for what you always wanted to do, but never had time. Learn a new language, take an online course for something that would be useful for work, rediscover old passions. Call it Force Time. Schedule it into your calendar. An hour a day followed constantly does wonders. I am allowed to take a course in facebook advertising, create and follow a list of books that interest me. I am also acquiring a new mes


  • Rethinking one's life. If there was something you wanted to change is the right time to do it! We no longer have to think about whether or not to change, we can only choose what this change will be like for us and seize the opportunity to improve our lives instead of seeing them shattered.


  • Becoming more organised. It was easy to get up at 7 o'clock when I had to be in the office at 8 o'clock. It made sense to get ready and dressed when I went out. Staying organised during quarantine is a daily challenge! What helps? For me it is a growth zone. I have found a smart alarm clock that helps me wake up at the most opportune time, following my sleep rhythms, and I find it very useful. If you're interested, let me know and I'll bookmark it for you. As a mum with a boob-addicted baby, getting up early in the morning when your daughter has just fallen asleep is no small challenge! If I can do it, so can you! Arrange for the children to follow the timetable and the oldest child in the first grade to attend school independently. This for the moment seems unattainable. But identifying the problem is already a first step, planning the next step, tracking progress helps me with the skills map. If you want to find out what it is, let me know.


  • Developing resilience. A very important quality, in times like these it becomes vital. It is very important because during the storms of life it allows you to bend and get up again instead of breaking. It is that quality that has enabled some people to survive in the most difficult situations. An excellent example of what it is is the film Life is Beautiful. There are several techniques that allow you to grow your resilience. It is also very important to develop it in children.


  • Rethink and change your lifestyle, for the better. We often live with our heads down, carrying on with old jobs, habits, behaviours. Without revision. Sometimes we lack the energy to rethink them and test their effectiveness. Now is the time! When our habits have been greatly changed, let us revise them for the better! Ask yourself a question, what is it that no longer works in my life, what are the things I could do differently? What is the change that could give me 10x growth, changing my life for the better on several aspects? For example, one of the most important habits, by changing which you will help your budget, your health, our planet and set a good example to your children, - is to cycle!

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