About Us


Born and raised in the Marche region of Italy, Omar is a specialist in mechanics. After graduating from the Technical Institute in Fano, he worked in the production of steel components and CNC machines, working as a technical designer. In 2012, he moved to San Benedetto del Tronto where, in 2014, he became co-founder of Donno Bikes and director of the company's mechanical engineering department.

Natalya, born and raised in Ukraine and a law graduate, moved to Italy in 2002, where she graduated in economics and business and became head of foreign sales for international companies. In 2014, she became co-founder of Donno Bikes together with her husband Omar, and responsible for the sales and customer service department.


It all started with a passion for 'the bike', a sense of freedom and a philosophy of sustainable living on two wheels. But the turning point that transformed our lifestyle into Donno Bikes was the arrival of our first child in 2014.

Italy then had very little to offer in the field. At a certain point you had to give up cycling, it became difficult to keep your balance and it was too dangerous to continue. It was our search for a safe bicycle that led us to an encounter with Taga, an American cargo bike manufacturer. We discovered that the three-wheeled cargo bike was not only stable and safe, so it could be used without risk until the day we gave birth, but above all, its multi-functionality allowed us to transform it into a pram bike that we could use from day one with our child without giving up carrying anything else... WOW! We had never seen anything like it in Italy until then. We were thrilled to say the least.

We had to order it in the US and importing the bike was not easy. It took weeks, not to mention the import costs! And when it finally arrived, the instruction manual for assembly was missing. Omar was forced to assemble our three-wheeled bike in the dark. But in the difficulties of importing a single bike and the lack of assistance, we saw an opportunity to spread our lifestyle with an innovative product for the Italian market. That year, 2014, Donno Bikes was born as the exclusive importer and distributor of the Taga brand in Italy.

With our first bicycle, the Taga, we began our journey into the world of cycling ✨

When we started importing the first cargo bikes, the response from the Italian market exceeded our expectations. It quickly became clear to us that cargo bikes met the needs of our time, allowing many people to start moving independently and sustainably. Knowing that Donno Bikes has made a big contribution to defining and accelerating the development of the cargo bike market in Italy for us is as nice as looking back at the photos of our children who were born and raised on cargo bikes. Here are a few.

In the following years, as demand continued to grow, we entered into exclusive distribution partnerships with other international manufacturers, continuing to look for top-quality models that could excite us like that first Taga. If they excite us, we know they will meet the needs of our customers.


A typical e-bike offers good pedalling, but not much utility. A cargo e-bike not only carries heavy loads but changes the way people live their everyday lives. Donno Bikes cargo bikes give people what they really need: everyday e-bikes designed with the perfect combination of riding dynamics, cargo capacity and beautiful design. Incredible agility with the ability to carry exactly what you need. We call it New Generation U-tility and it is at the heart of every Donno e-bike cargo.


Carry loads whenever you want without breaking a sweat, choosing between compact or large cargo bikes without sacrificing safety, manoeuvrability and fun


A designer cargo bike is not only beautiful, it also ensures you feel good and have fun riding, with and without a load. When it includes agility, capacity, safety and style, it is perfect.


A good ride is the most essential ingredient. But in the city it is also essential that an agile and safe bike takes up little space. Folding city bikes are the solution.


Three-wheel cargo bikes are designed for when riding safety, stability, load capacity and ease of use become essential for families with children and beyond


Quality without compromise

The aspects of safety, stability, comfort and versatility, combined with great ease of use, constitute the outstanding riding characteristics of Donno Bikes, which have made the company a benchmark in Italy.

As a cargo bike specialist, we only select bicycles with high-quality components, and on design we make no compromises. The perfect quality of the highly selected and customisable Donno Bikes will satisfy every demand.

The added value that distinguishes all Donno Bikes lies in the versatility and excellence of their services.

Duration and positive effect on climate

Sustainability is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. We pursue the goal of contributing to positive global change, starting with the sustainable development of local traffic.

Thanks to the quality of Donno Bikes, our customers use them as a means of transport for long periods of time, even for several years, covering tens of thousands of kilometres. Compared to other means of transport, ebikes and cargo bikes are excellent in terms of environmental impact.

The stability of cargo bikes allows heavy loads to be transported by bicycle and they are approved for trolleys, pet baskets and children's seats, making them a valuable alternative to the car for families, commuters and cyclists.

High-quality, durable bicycles, bikes and e-bikes guaranteeing environmentally friendly and socially responsible mobility are our most important contribution to sustainability