Ahooga VS Brompton

Ahooga VS Brompton

Today we are going to talk about the Ahooga VS Brompton challenge, a very important topic, where we will compare these two fantastic folding bikes.

Before we start, it must be said that these are two truly exceptional folding machines, each with its own advantages and limitations.
And although we are a bit biased, we will try to be as objective as possible.

The challenge between these two beauties begins: Ahooga VS Bromptonmay the best man win!

Brompton is a legend among folding bikes, it has made history and many of its followers are so loyal to the brand that they do not mistake it for any other folding bike in the world.

ahooga vs brompton -brompton

On the other hand, Ahooga was born relatively recently, winning its first design awards in the very near future in 2018. The folding bike was born out of a passion for bicycles and design on the part of 2 Belgian designers.

Both have a strong vision of what the bicycle should be, especially folding, but not only.

They have a very strong sense of responsibility towards the planet and consumers.

ahooga vs brompton - ahooga e-bike

This leads them to work according to the principles of sustainability and say no to waste and planned obsolescence.

With this Ahooga makes a very strong promise, - they do everything to ensure that even after the new models are released, the new accessories are compatible with the previous models! And already here we find the first difference with Brompton.

  1. No to planned obsolescence. While Brompton rightly prides itself on using almost the 80% out of the 1,200 unique components built especially for it, Ahooga prides itself on using standard, albeit high-quality components. Easily available in any shop, this means you don't risk one day not being able to find a replacement component because it is out of production.
  2. Style. Maybe it is because it was designed in Brussels or maybe it is because Belgian designers designed it, but Ahooga is beautiful. Its unmistakable style makes you fall in love.ahooga vs brompton - ahooga bike
  3. Carrier triangle. It is well known that the triangle is the strongest structure there is. In fact, the diamond triangle frame is used in bicycles. Ahooga is the only folding bike with the diamond triangle. Because it is the only one that has managed to find the solution to be folded differently.
  4. Without ugly hinges. How do you fold a folding bike and Brompton is no exception? Right, by splitting the frame in two thanks to the hinge in the middle. Ahooga doesn't! This affects not only its appearance but also its riding feel.
  5. Length. at 153 cm, the Ahooga comes close to a full-size bicycle with the associated comfort while riding.
  6. Wheels. 16 inches for Brompton, 20 inches for Ahooga. These also affect riding feel and speed.
  7. European Passport. Oups, Brompton no more )) Produced in the UK. Ahooga is produced entirely in Europe.
  8. Dimensions when folded. And here 1 point in favour of Brompton, it is more compact. But the Ahooga is no joke either, at 85x74x30 cm, it is the size of a cabin trolley. Thanks to its sturdy wheels it can also be carried like a trolley case.Super-light folding electric bicycle Ahooga bike
  9. Weight. 10 kg Ahooga, 9 to 14 kg Brompton for non-electric versions. Electric Ahooga weighs 13-15 kg depending on version. VS 18-19 kg Brompton.ahooga vs brompton - ahooga e-bike
  10. Bending times10 seconds both. But! In one, 1! second with a gesture Ahooga reduces 1/3 of its size. In order to be elegantly pushed forward. Style is not water!
  11. Number of reports. 1 to 6 in the Brompton with the price premium. 7 speed changes in Ahooga regardless of model.
  12. Equipment. In Brompton, mudguards are a separate accessory. But not in Ahooga. These and other standard accessories such as shock absorbers and so on.
  13. Possibility of conversion between non-electric and electric. In Ahooga, this is also possible at a later date. Thanks to the anti-obsolescence principle.Ahooga folding electric bicycle
  14. Material. Brompton's standard models are made of steel. The 9 kg version, on the other hand, is made of titanium. Obviously, the price is no longer in line with Ahooga. All Ahooga models are strictly aluminium.
  15. Customisation according to height. Ahooga offers the telescopic handlebar and saddle that can be customised according to height: standard for people up to 180 cm tall and extra long for taller people.

And that's not all! Want to find out more details?

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