Bonus Bici Genova: An Incentive for a Sustainable Future

The Genoa Bike Bonus is revolutionising the way residents of the beautiful coastal city look at urban mobility! With the aim of improving air quality and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle, the Municipality of Genoa has launched an initiative offering substantial contributions towards the purchase of electric bicycles.

A Turn Towards Sustainability

For many, the prospect of transforming their travel routine may seem like a daunting task, but the Bonus Bici Genova offers an unmissable opportunity to make this change not only possible, but profitable! With a financial incentive of up to EUR 800 for residents who choose to embrace e-mobility, the municipality has allocated a budget of EUR 8,925,000 this year to support this initiative.

How to get the Genoa Bike Bonus

The process for obtaining the Genoa Bike Bonus is simple and accessible to all city residents. First, you need to purchase an electric bicycle from an authorised company. Once the purchase is made, you can apply for the bonus through the dedicated online portal.

Necessary Documents and Requirements

  • To complete the bonus application, make sure you have the following documents available:
  • Residence in the municipality of Genoa
  • Certificate of conformity of the bicycle with road traffic regulations
  • Frame number and photo of electric bicycle, or corresponding certificate
  • Purchase invoice for the bicycle dated before 1 June 2022
  • If the purchase has been financed, make sure you have the financing contract at hand
  • Bank or postal IBAN
  • Stamp payment receipt on PagoPA

To access the portal and complete the request, you must have a SPID, electronic identity card or CNS (National Services Card).

Bike Bonus Genoa - iO InBicy
iO InBicy

An Investment in the Future and the Environment

Participating in the Genoa Bike Bonus is not only an investment in one's own financial well-being, but also in the environment and the local community. By reducing the use of conventional cars, residents actively contribute to reducing air pollution and improving air quality in the city.

Choose Sustainability with the Genoa Bike Bonus

The Genoa Bike Bonus represents a unique opportunity for residents to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle and actively contribute to the creation of a greener, more liveable city. Don't miss the chance to benefit from this extraordinary incentive and drive change towards a better future for all!

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Yuba Fastrack

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