Electric bike bonus: EUR 500 state incentive

Electric bike bonus: EUR 500 state incentive

Have you also heard about this new Relaunch Decree with incentives of up to EUR 500 for the purchase of a personal and sustainable means of transport?

All eyes are on the decree and government decisions. Thus, the entire chapter 205 on sustainable mobility has disappeared from the latest draft of 11 May. Which, precisely, provided for the aforementioned incentive.

The fact of the disappearance of such an important article has sparked great debate. There are those who call it a 'cold shower', those who speak of uncivil decisions and those, like us, who still hope. But on one thing everyone agrees, incentive aside, we cannot go back to the way we used to live.

Now that we have felt the clean air and seen the positive changes in nature due to our quarantine, we cannot go back to polluting as before. And we cannot spend our lives in traffic!


We have to change.

Functional bicycle yes and car no, that was the government's message for the direction we should take on both social distancing and improving life in our cities. And to do this, the government planned to reimburse EUR 500 for the purchase of functional bicycles. 120 million has already been earmarked for this purpose, and even for this we doubt that it will simply be cancelled.

The incentive covered not only functional bicycles but also any type of bicycle or the purchase of scooters, segways and hoverboards.

It did not include scooters, motorbikes or even electric cars, - the first two pollute, the third pollutes and clutters. As we have already said, the incentive covered any type of bicycle and personal electric means of displacement. However, other means only solve the problem of personal displacement without performing an additional function.

What about when I have to go shopping? What about taking my children with me? What if I have to carry heavy and sometimes bulky loads?


Do I have to take the car every single time, pollute and spend my life in traffic breathing smog? The only means capable of replacing the car for short to medium distances, just enough for daily commuting, is the functional bicycle.

What are functional bicycles?

These are electric or muscle bikes that perform an additional function besides transporting the owner. For example, they are foldable, or they can carry 1-2-3-4 children on one bike.

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With a functional cargo bike, you can carry up to 5 duffel bags or shopping for 2 weeks all together. It has a load capacity of up to 160 kg or sometimes even more. So it's perfect for going shopping and having some fun instead of cozying up in a car.

Furthermore, with a functional bicycle you can save up to 4,000 euro per year. And that means that your bike pays for itself and makes you money.

So regardless of the incentives, a functional bike that can stay by our side and help us with our daily tasks or accompany us in our leisure time. And already after a few months it is self-financing and saves us a nice sum.

The incentive would be available until the end of the year and would cover all purchases made since 4 May. A nice initiative that would not be linked to income! It would be available until funds are exhausted, which means that purchases made earlier will have priority.

They were deciding on the distribution routes. The only injustice is that the incentive should apply to all citizens of towns with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

We hope that in the final version the article will be reinstated. However, with or without a road incentive, the functional bicycle is an indispensable means of transport that is good for people's health and pockets and should be part of every household!

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