• Celebrate the Tenth Anniversary with Donnobikes!

    Welcome to the 10th anniversary celebration of Donnobikes✌️ We are excited to celebrate an extraordinary milestone with you: 10 years of Donnobikes! To thank you for your continued support, we have organised a special promotion for our 10th anniversary Join the 10 Years of Donnobikes Promotion! 🚴‍♂️ It's simple! Every purchase of a bike during the promotional period will [...]

  • 10 Reasons to Buy a Cargo Bike in 2024

    Cargo bikes are not just an environmentally friendly means of transport, they are an innovative choice that can improve everyone's everyday life. In a world that is increasingly moving towards sustainability, cargo bikes are a solid alternative to motorised vehicles. They are emission-free and contribute to reducing noise pollution in the city. It is not a matter of [...]

  • Avoiding Surprises: How to Choose an Electric Bike That Does Not Require Mandatory Insurance

    In the dynamic world of e-bikes, regulatory developments are a constant. With the introduction of the new rule on compulsory insurance, the cycling community is understandably in turmoil. Before drawing hasty conclusions, it is essential to know which bikes are really affected. Municipalities and Bike Bonus 2023: Many municipalities are joining or considering joining the Bike Bonus 2023. It is an opportunity [...]

  • iO: DonnoBikes' most innovative bike of the year

    InBicy: a guarantee of quality InBicy was established in 2021 in San Benedetto del Tronto, the result of the many years' experience of Omar and Natalya, founders of DonnoBikes, who have been in the cargo bike market for years, but above all have been keen observers of users' needs. This innovative brand, 100% Italian, counts among its ranks great professionals who put at the service of the user [...]

  • Bologna bike bonus 2022: here's how it works

    This is not the first time that the state has come up with initiatives to promote cycling and the wonderful news for the residents of Bologna is the arrival of the 2022 bike bonus. Only people who live and/or work in the municipality of Bologna will be able to apply for an incentive on the purchase of a pedal-assisted bicycle or cargo bike.

  • Delivery bikes: cargo bikes faster than vans!

    If we told you that cargo bikes in the city deliver faster than vans by about 60%, would you believe us? It may sound strange but we are not saying it, but rather much more knowledgeable people, namely researchers and scholars from the University of Westminster through the study 'The Promise of Low-Carbon Freight. Benefits of cargo bikes in London'. The [...]

  • How to take children by bike

    According to data from the second edition of the 'Ecosistema della Bicicletta' (Bicycle Ecosystem) research, carried out by Banca Ifis, more than 3.2 million bicycles will be manufactured in Italy in 2021, making the Bel Paese in first place among European nations for bicycle production and a leader in smart mobility. A constant increase, deriving also and above all, [...]

  • Price increases in the bicycle market

    In the past few months, we have seen all the major bicycle manufacturers raise their 2022 list prices, blaming first the rise in raw material prices, then the increasingly complex logistics after the Pandemic, and finally the ever-increasing demand for two-wheelers. We go on to analyse the actual state of the bicycle market [...]

  • Savings and Benefits... from everyone?

    Savings and Benefits... from everyone? Who bought a bike in 2020? He is very lucky. And who is considering a purchase now? So are you! The MEF decree is a document published on 29 October in the Official Gazette, and I invite you to pay attention: it is not the usual Voucher/Discount Bonus, but a tax credit up to [...].

  • Leave your car keys at home

    Leave your car keys at home in September. Why? Because there are many ways to embrace a healthier, greener and more cost-effective lifestyle. One of them is to use environmentally friendly means of transportation in the city. Reading this article you will find some really important insights that will help you understand how to [...]

  • Enigma of downtown delivery

    How many entrepreneurs are struggling with the famous 'delivery conundrum in the city centre'? Between yellow zones, red zones, restricted traffic zones and areas impassable by vans and cars, getting the goods to the customer has become a real conundrum. Downtown delivery conundrum, adapt we can We have to adapt to all this. Our cities [...]

  • The green revolution will start from the squares

    This time, there will be no weapons and political-military strategies because the green revolution will start from the squares. The 'cultural rebellion' started from the squares of Milan where the project called 'OPEN STREET' promised a tough fight against polluting vehicles. It is a very ambitious plan to replace the presence of polluting vehicles in order to [...]

  • World Bike Day a true story

    World Bike Day a true story that not everyone remembers or knows, but thanks to its anniversary, today mankind has drastically reduced the distance separating a more liveable world from that abyss called pollution. It all started back in 2015, when Leszek Sibilski, sociology professor and cycling and education activist [...]

  • Discovering cargo bikes.

    Discovering cargo bikes. In recent years, our cities have been investing more and more in safe cycling infrastructure. As a result, people are starting to see the bicycle as an advantageous solution. Each bike model represents a person's lifestyle. And today, we would like to talk about those who for work or [...]

  • Mobility bonus 2021: all you need to know

    Mobility bonus 2021: everything you need to know Even this year, the mobility bonus is being considered with some very interesting and advantageous innovations also implemented by the individual regions. But from the Government only rumours and zero decrees. It is thought that the opportunities could be double, turning the desire to buy a functional bike into reality. [...]

  • We pay tribute to one of the first Italian singer-songwriters who defended the environment.

    We pay tribute to one of the first Italian singer-songwriters who defended the environment. Franco Battiato, the history of Italian singer-songwriting, leaves us. He who started the battle for the defence of the environment with music. Since 1980 he has spread concepts and values, still current and contemporary today, 40 years later, such as, the fear that [...]

  • Greener Lombardy.

    Greener Lombardy. As we know, as well as being one of the largest regions in Italy, Lombardy is also characterised by a very high level of smog (according to ARPA sources, PM10 levels in Lombardy range from 0.9 to 12 t/km² in metropolitan areas). Citizens have for some time now been trying to make [...]

  • Mobility difficulties in Liguria.

    Mobility difficulties in Liguria. We all know Liguria for how popular it is with Italian and foreign tourists but also for the traffic that characterises it. You are about to get the perfect solution to reach any place in the city without being slowed down by urban traffic. Read on to reap all the benefits against [...]


    Stop cars in cities thanks to 4 million euros earmarked for the construction of cycle paths to connect Italian universities and railway stations, the main junctions and urban transport. We will start designing a new urban mobility in Italy, starting from the very environments most sensitive to energy and economic issues, and we will end up, if [...]


    REAL SUPER HEROES RIDE BICYCLES. And if that sounds strange to you, ask Robert Downey Jr, or better known as IRONMAN. If this time you were hoping to receive chocolates and ties from the comfort of your sofa, you are wrong. This year on Father's Day, you'll have to be the one to prove yourself to become the [...]

  • Can I Cycle in the Red Zone?

    Can I Cycle in the Red Zone? Can I Go Out Cycling in the Red Zone? Italy has been "going out and coming back" from the Coloured Zones for some time now, but what many readers ask us is: "Can we go out and come back for our cycling even though we are in the Red Zone?" The answer is yes, but only for single sport activity, [...]

  • Taga Family Electric, technical analysis

    After driving the vehicle, we carried out our usual meticulous technical analysis of the Taga Family Electric. There are many features that make this vehicle unique and multifunctional. We will discover them in detail starting from its very soul: the chassis. Taga Family Elettrica, the technical analysis of the chassis The Taga Family's chassis is entirely made [...]

  • Driving Taga Family Electric

    The Taga Family Electric conveys such new sensations of movement that it almost feels like driving a vehicle of the future, ready to revolutionise our urban and extra-urban travel habits. Maybe it is because it is easy to drive and has great stability, but this vehicle instils unparalleled security and confidence. Driving [...]

  • Taga Family Electric, the technician replies

    Taga Family Electric, the technician answers Today we will be answering the six most frequently asked questions about the Taga Family Electric with the support of our technician Omar. Recently presented after a worthwhile test drive and a detailed technical analysis, we have given space to your curiosity, and as usual, opened up new scenarios. Taga Family Electric, [...]

  • New projects featuring bicycles

    Our country is increasingly devoting itself to the creation of new-generation urban planning projects dedicated to cycling. There are a great many improvements aimed at soft mobility, the protection and maintenance of urban spaces and, above all, of nature. The image of Urban Ecosystem 2021 is closely linked to the environmental resources of Italy's capitals. Cities such as [...]

  • Ahooga Comfort Folding: new driving sensations

    Ahooga Comfort Foldable: new riding sensations If you are looking for an ideal bike to avoid traffic and the ever-crowded means of transport, you have just found it. We tested the Ahooga Comfort Folding to discover all the new riding sensations. The Ahooga Comfort makes its way into the world of functional bikes because of its multiple souls that can offer [...]

  • Ahooga Comfort Technical Review

    Ahooga Comfort Technical Review We have road-tested the electric Ahooga Comfort Folding, and now we just have to develop its technical review. We were taught that it can be opened and closed in 10 seconds, and it's true. As true as it is that its footprint when folded is 85x74x [...].

  • Ahooga Comfort folding the expert answers

    It was the turn of the Ahooga Comfort Folding this time, and as every week the expert answered your questions, opening up new and unprecedented technical scenarios. To our great surprise, we found that the product aroused a lot of curiosity and with this article we share with you the 10 most frequently asked questions. The expert answers on spaces and [...]

  • The expert answers: All about Ahooga Modular

    All about Ahooga Modular After delving technically into the Ahooga Modular product, we received dozens and dozens of enquiries and submitted to our technical expert, the 15 most frequently asked questions from our customers about Ahooga: the result is as comprehensive and straightforward as one could expect (here is a video extract). [...]

  • Technical review Ahooga modular bike

    Technical review Ahooga modular bike We climbed into the saddle of the AHOOGA MODULAR, and experienced first-hand the riding qualities of this lightweight cargo bike. Now we will discover the technical details that make it the leader in its market segment and winner of the Red Dot Design 2020 award. The bike features an ultra-light frame technologically [...]

  • History and evolution of the bicycle

    The invention of the bicycle provided mankind with the first two-wheeled means of human transport, its evolution over time also enabled the emancipation of women, becoming a symbol of progress, leisure, freedom and fun. Its value has been perpetuated over time and this historic means of transport today represents hope for a better future [...].

  • Cargo Bike Spicy Curry

    Cargo Bike Spicy Curry Carry our children everywhere. Loading tools or goods for delivery with maximum comfort is only the beginning. Everything else is called Spicy Curry: the only cargo bike that combines technology and economy for your family or business. In less than 2 metres the Cargo Bike [...]

  • It's E-Bike Time!

    Singers, actors, famous sportsmen and influencers. The bicycle has become the most popular means of transport for celebrities in recent years. There are those who do it for sport, those who simply for practicality, getting around the big cities more easily and quickly. Of course there are also those who cycle for publicity, to show themselves in a 'new' guise [...].

  • An e-bike under the tree

      An e-bike under the tree 2020 will undoubtedly bring us a different, more collected, less chaotic Christmas than in other years. The health situation we are currently experiencing limits aggregation but somehow allows us to enjoy family more intensely. Regardless of what will be the new and perhaps a [...]


    BICYCLE BONUS 2020 Dear Friends, finally in a few days it will be possible to apply for the BICYCLE BONUS 2020! We are just a few days away from the Click Day on 3 November for the Bicycle Bonus 2020 application! We want all our customers and those who are about to buy one of our functional bicycles just these days to obtain the [...]

  • Ahooga Modular Electric Bicycle

    Ahooga Modular Electric Bicycle "The birth of a new star" The electric bicycle is entering our lives in the same way that the mobile phone did, to become an indispensable object for our lifestyle. Fortunately, it is also much healthier than most of the objects we now consider indispensable. But this [...]

  • Looking for a Brompton folding bike?

    Looking for a Brompton folding bike? Read this article to find out which bike knocks it out of the park, and why there are so many folding bikes on the market, but none like the legendary Brompton! You have to admit it, the Brompton folding bike made folding bike history and it's not at all easy to top it. But the world is not [...]

  • Motor and electric kit for the bicycle

    Motor and the electric kit for the bicycle With this article I would like to talk to you about the motor and the electric kit for the bicycle and answer some frequently asked questions. First of all I would like to say that the motor is included with the electric kit for the bicycle, so when we talk about the electric kit, also known as the e-kit, we mean including the motor. [...]

  • Ahooga VS Brompton

    Ahooga VS Brompton: may the best man win! Today we are going to talk about the Ahooga VS Brompton challenge, a really important topic, where we will compare these two fantastic folding bikes. Before we start, it has to be said that these are 2 really great folding bikes, each has its own advantages and limitations. And although we are a bit biased, [...]


    Ahooga folding electric bike Most of the time, when we meet our customers who would like to buy an Ahooga folding electric bike, they ask us: What will it be like to pedal uphill? Is it easy or will I struggle a lot? Think about it...how many times have you given up a bike ride because of climbs or unstable terrain? Would you like to cycle at the [...]

  • Happy Easter 2020!

    Happy Easter 2020! It's Easter soon, a bit like that, a bit distant. But with HOPE! With the hope that soon we will be able to get out of our house-castles where we were locked up for so long.And slowly we will be able to return to normal. Rising up like Jesus Christ. What will our new NORMALITY 2.0 look like? What will it bring us? All [...]

  • Life during and after the coronavirus

    Life during and after the coronavirus. Would you like to wake up and discover that all this is just a bad nightmare, or come on, a pajama adventure for the lazy ones? It took me quite a while to accept the truth, - unfortunately this is our Reality 2.0 with no possibility of going back to the previous version. "Reality 2.0 [...]

  • Coronavirus, 7 ways to fight it effectively

    Coronavirus, 7 ways to fight it effectively Being a mother and observing all that is happening because of the corona virus, I can't help but think back to the days of far more serious epidemics, e.g. bubonic plague. By the way, that too had come from China. So, let me introduce myself, my name is Natalya, I have 2 [...].