Cheap Cargo Bikes: Quality vs. price, what lies behind the discounted price

Cheap cargo bikes are often the initial choice of those wishing to save money on the purchase of a versatile and environmentally friendly means of transport. However, behind the attractive price of these models often lie expensive and disappointing surprises.

In this article, we will explore the compromises manufacturers make to reduce costs and the possible risks buyers face.

The Risk in Buying Cheap Cargo Bikes

Many people are attracted by the idea of saving money on the purchase of a cargo bike by opting for cheaper models. However, often what seems like an initial bargain turns into a higher expense in the long run. Unfortunately, misinformation on the part of buyers who want to have a cargo bike and do not know that it is important to keep in mind plays a role:

  • How many kilos do you intend to transport? (Be they passengers or cargo), to find out which model has the right load capacity for their needs .
  • How many kilometres do they intend to cover each day? So that the battery also lasts the whole way without running the risk of running out halfway.
  • What roads are intended to be pursued? Because if you live in a flat area you will need normal power such as the 250w shimano motor, if you live in hilly areas, you will need a more powerful motor such as Mivice or Bosch, in order to be able to travel the roads without worries.

This misinformation on the part of buyers plays to the advantage of many suppliers who, in order to sell their models, pass off poor quality cargo bikes as cheap and functional models.

Let's take a look together at what could prove to be a problem over time when buying cheap cargo bikes

Cheap Cargo Bikes: Quality vs. price? - Yuba Spicy Curry AT
Yuba Spicy Curry AT

Poor materials and lack of spare parts: the risk for the buyer

When opting for a cheap Cargo Bike, the frame and other components are likely to be made of poor materials or not readily available in Italy. This can lead to problems during maintenance, with the need to buy spare parts with a high shipping cost and face long maintenance times.

Many of our customers decided to buy another Cargo Bike directly because of the long waiting times.
In addition, low-quality materials can compromise the safety and durability of the bike, making it potentially dangerous to use.

Cheap Cargo Bikes: Quality vs. price? - Yuba Kombi Bagang
Yuba Kombi Bagang

Poor quality engine: a safety risk

One of the most obvious compromises in cheap Cargo Bikes is the engine. While a quality motor can cost around 1,500 euros, if a Cargo Bike costs a total of 800 euros (including all other materials), you will also realise that the motor is definitely of very poor quality and you may end up having to spend even more than you have to.

This may not only lead to additional repair and replacement costs, but also pose a safety risk, especially on steep roads or with heavy loads. A poor motor may not be able to withstand the effort required, putting the cyclist and other road users at risk. The cost of a quality motor can range between EUR 1,000 and 1,500 for brands such as Shimano and Bafang, but can go up to EUR 2,600 for brands such as Bosch, depending on specifications and conditions.

In addition, you always have to consider the terrain and the roads you intend to travel, for example, if you have to travel steep climbs you will need a powerful motor such as Mivice and Bosch.

If you ride in flat areas, already a 250w Shimano motor will suffice.

It is important to consider that investing in a high-quality motor is crucial to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance in your e-bike. However, it is equally important to emphasise that opting for a poor quality motor can turn your e-bike into a simple mechanical bike, depriving you of electric assistance and limiting your riding experience.

This is not only an economic loss, but also a risk to your safety, as a faulty motor could cause road accidents. Therefore, it is essential to make an informed choice and invest in a reliable motor to fully enjoy the benefits of your e-bike, while also ensuring your safety on the road.

Affordable Cargo Bikes: Quality vs. price? iO InBicy Power Mivice Bi-Drive
iO InBicy Power Mivice Bi-drive

The Cargo Bike scam: a warning for buyers

It is important to note that some cheap Cargo Bikes may not be suitable for transporting children or heavy loads. Weak luggage racks and a lack of safety certification can endanger the lives of users - think of families who decide to buy a cheap Cargo Bike to transport their children!

With the rise in popularity of Cargo Bikes, several suppliers have emerged who sell normal City Bikes, passing them off as authentic Cargo Bikes! These models are not even suitable for transporting a watermelon! Think of the families who trust these suppliers and decide to carry even two children on board!

It is essential to be careful and well-informed before making a purchase, which is why I recommend you take a look at this article we wrote specifically to avoid scams of this kind:

Cheap Cargo Bikes: Quality vs. price? - Yuba Kombi E5
Yuba Kombi E5

The conscious choice: investing in a quality cargo bike

Buying a cheap Cargo Bike might seem like a convenient choice at first, but it can prove expensive and disappointing in the long run.Many buyers who opted for cheap models have faced safety, durability and maintenance issues and then decided to turn to us at Donno Bikes to get a quality Cargo Bike that saves on maintenance costs and lasts up to 20 years!

Investing in a quality Cargo Bike can ensure a longer service life, lower maintenance costs and above all the safety of its users. What's more, all spare parts are readily available, and we have more than 60 service centres throughout Italy to guarantee everyone maintenance and service close to home.

Cheap Cargo Bikes: Quality vs. price? - Yuba Kombi E6
Yuba Kombi E6

Cheap Cargo Bikes: Conclusion

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing a cargo bike, it is important to carefully consider value for money. Cheap Cargo Bikes may seem like a bargain at first, but they can entail risks and additional costs in the long run. Opting for a quality model with reliable materials, safe components and guaranteed service is the best choice for those looking for a sustainable and safe means of transport.

Cheap Cargo Bikes: Quality vs. price? - Yuba Fastrack
Yuba Fastrack

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