Cities are demanding clean air and smog is not letting up

Cities are demanding clean air and smog is not letting up. After the first Lockdownwe realised how different the air smelled from the past and especially in big cities.

It is pointless to point the finger at anyone or anything. It is the lifestyles to impose on us certain tight rhythms and often unhealthy, that finding a viable alternative is a very complicated job.
We have driven polluting vehicles out of necessity. We have unwittingly neglected recycling collections, and perhaps left a few too many lights on unintentionally. We have done so and continue to do so, sometimes even and without realising that this is deeply damaging to us.

Cities are demanding clean air and smog is not letting up

Smog does not give up causing victims every day

Numerous studies have clarified the correlation between pollution and health. According to data from the Ministry of Health, in Italy more than 40,000 Italians a year fall ill of lung cancer. And among the best known causes is air pollution. And yet, the idea of change seems stronger than life itself.
And when they tell us that we Italians we are a very careful people. Confident and proud, I am reminded of how many times we have forgotten our great pride and sense of belonging to the earth and life just because we are too caught up in the frenzy around us.

Many have tried, and with poor results because: not polluting is not easy for nothing. Being careful and respecting the environment, if you are the only one to do so, is almost a folly that will achieve nothing.
Fortunately, we are also the people who know how to say no. And thanks to some help (state mobility bonus), they found the courage to change.
And so it is that in less than a year, over 600,000 Italians said NO cars by choosing green means. And hundreds of Italian municipalities have increased bike lanes and cycle paths by more than 200 km (March 2021 figures rising steadily).

Cities are demanding clean air and smog is not letting up

Improvement is possible and thanks to your contribution

Going to work by car is convenient, but going there at bike as well and is say hello, pleasant and economical. Suffice it to say, that the purchase of an electric bike can cost us per day, and in a given time, less than a coffee and cappuccino. Electric bikes have no insurance, fuel or constant maintenance costs. They are green and recharge in a short time.
Taking our children to school on a medium that will stimulate their curiosity and attention to the world around them is an amazing thing. Packing them into an overpriced vehicle and trapped in roaring traffic, stress and nervousness is quite another story.
Numerous scientific studies say so: Children need stimulation to grow up peacefully. And what could be better than sharing a special moment with the family?

Cities are demanding clean air and smog is not letting up

The best status to belong to

If it is not data that stimulates your sense of life, it will certainly be your neighbour, friend or relative. They are the real tangible evidence of the real success of a green life. We see their serenity, their physical state improve and imagine that, without using a car, have at least saved petrol costs (according to over EUR 600 in 12 months) to enjoy in better times and with their children.
In the face of this we ask ourselves many things, but the first we should ask ourselves is perhaps: will it be time to become part of this better world?

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