Dear friends, it is time to take stock: 2021 is just around the corner!


Dear friends, it is time to take stock: 2021 is just around the corner!

The year 2020 is almost over and it is time for all of us to take stock.

We have tried to define these strange months lived with uncertainty and fear, but it is not easy to circumscribe something so unexpected and powerful.

The most important and constructive thing to do is to take all the small and big things we have reflected on and carry them with us into the new days ahead.

Change and transformation are the keywords for 2021, changing our habits, going in a different direction, putting our own well-being and that of the people we love at the centre.

This abnormal weather was an opportunity and not an empty expectation, we looked at each other more closely and listened to each other.

The good intentions that each of us has imagined for ourselves will lead us to 'live' tomorrow in a different spirit.

Resourcefulness and enthusiasm are the ingredients we will need to build the serenity and well-being we deserve. If we think about it, beyond our new awareness, there are all the great benefits for the planet.

Thanks to the great reduction in work activities, less frequent travel and the consequent sharp drop in transport, NO2 concentrations in many areas of the globe have dropped by 10% from mid-February to today.

A figure that certainly bodes well, but which needs to be put into context to understand how much impact it can really have on global warming.

Nature is reclaiming its space, and what we should all be forcing ourselves to do is to change our old habits and move towards an eco-sustainable lifestyle that will create balance and harmony between us and the wonderful planet that hosts us.

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