Donno Bikes: A Journey to Success through the Voices of Customers

In the world of sustainable mobility, Donno Bikes emerges as a standout. With an average score of 4.8 out of 94 reviews, Donno Bikes' customers share their experiences, painting a picture of excellence and dedication. In this article, we explore how Donno Bikes has managed to win the trust and satisfaction of its customers.

1. After-Sales Service at the Centre:

After-sales service turns out to be one of the most appreciated features. Irene Vanini, for example, shares that 'the sales, after-sales and service [is] super! I had to contact them twice even after the purchase and they were always very quick and efficient'. Stefano Fortunato also acknowledges this quality, describing how the bicycle he purchased was 'wonderful' and underlining the seller's excellent handling of shipping difficulties. These testimonials underscore Donno Bikes' commitment to continuous after-sales service, a real treasure for every customer.

2. Professional Guidance in Purchasing:

Choosing a bicycle has never been easier. Giuseppe Zarcone, for example, expresses his experience by saying: 'A company with a team of professionals who follow you every step of the way when choosing a bike and accessories. I bought the IO - in Bicy with a 500 W Bafang motor and it's wonderful, super sharp. Alessio Bonetti also reflects this sentiment: "I got to know Donno Bikes because I was looking for a Cargo Yuba bike: I immediately found very helpful and competent people who helped me a lot in choosing the bike best suited to my needs". These testimonials underline how the Donno Bikes team played a crucial role in assisting customers in choosing the perfect bike for them, offering personalised advice and in-depth product knowledge.

3. Unrivalled quality:

Donno Bikes have been widely praised for their robustness, safety and practicality. Maria Giovanna Oliveri says: "The bike is fantastic! Sturdy and dynamic at the same time, great for people like me with two children." Valeria Bernardi shares a similar experience, pointing out: "I waited a few days to try the bike, and I can say that I am completely satisfied with my purchase!" These testimonials highlight the durability and functionality of Donno Bikes, key aspects of their unparalleled quality.

4. A Positive Buying Experience:

The overall buying experience at Donno Bikes has been described as exceptional. Marilia Calabrese, for example, says: 'We bought a Yuka Bike this summer. We are very satisfied with the purchase. The support we received from Donno Bike on the choice according to our needs was excellent." These words reflect a smooth and rewarding buying process from start to finish, underlining the company's commitment to providing a superior customer experience.

5. Effective Communication:

Clarity and fast communication have been key elements of Donno Bikes' success. Aldo Guarda, describing his experience, says: "Fast service via WhatsApp and mobile phone. In the first shipment some accessories were missing, but after pointing it out, it was quickly solved." This example demonstrates not only the efficiency of the Donno Bikes team, but also their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.

6. A Varied Offer for Every Need:

The variety and quality of Donno Bikes' offerings meet a wide range of customer needs. Stefano Aldrovandi expresses this: "I bought a longtail cargo bike... among the various pages on the web I found Donno Bikes. I was well assisted in the choice of accessories." These words highlight how Donno Bikes manages to provide a wide range of bicycles and accessories, satisfying the different needs of its customers.


Through the words of customers, the reason for Donno Bikes' success becomes clear. The company not only sells bikes, but also builds lasting relationships, guaranteeing quality and constant support. The reviews are a powerful testimony to the trust and loyalty Donno Bikes has established with its customers, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable bicycle and superior customer service.

Here are the top 10 most detailed reviews:

Here are the 10 most detailed positive reviews I selected from the list:

I ordered a Taga2 electric bike from Donno bikes. Although I had some initial issues with damaged parts in transit, I was extremely pleased with the customer support I received from Lubov and the customer service team. Lubov went out of their way to correct any problems that occurred and made sure I received replacement parts very quickly. I cannot praise his customer service enough. The bike itself is fantastic and is a perfect form of transport. We love it!
Kevin Rhodes

I am writing this review 4 months after purchase to make sure I am telling the truth. I bought a Yuba Kombi ebike to circulate in Rome (as I know, a city full of gradients) and to transport children. Very nice bike and very competitively priced compared to bikes in the same Cargo segment. Assistance and advice on the purchase very attentive and consistent with what I then received. But above all what prompted me to write this review was the post-purchase assistance. Donno Bikes is working hard to create a network of workshops that guarantee assistance in Rome. I was therefore able to get the coupon done in the right time without having to scramble to the other side of the world. And last but not least... The bike had a problem with the centring of the magnet that interfered with the motor's ignition. I called the company directly for support. Omar and Mirko were really kind and helpful and I solved the problem myself in 5 minutes. The bike runs like a dream and I am very happy with the purchase.
Tiziana Fragasso

I have purchased two yubas, they are a spectacle, super-equipped, sturdy, I take the three children to school all at once with zero fatigue and the 32-tooth smile of my children is pleasant to ride and very easy to handle, even for my wife, who is half my size, she has no problems, not to mention the sales and service, the best you can ask for, always available and very kind, and what you expect when you make a major purchase: FORZA Donnobike keep it up you're on the right track to become an Italian excellence to be proud of......❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vincenzo Trimarco

What can I say, simply everything a buyer would want to find from a seller. I will briefly recount my experience. I was looking for a longtail cargo bike and among the various pages on the web I selected the YUBA brand. Undecided on two models, Mundo and Kombi, I started to contact the various dealers. In the end I chose Donno Bikes and would make the choice a thousand times over. Having to make a remote purchase because there is no dealer in my area, I found in this company technical competence, friendliness, and exceptional pre-sales assistance. Having chosen the vehicle of my liking, in this case the YUBA Mundo Lux muscular, they were very kind and helpful in helping me with the payment as well as making me advantageous offers. Shipping on a pallet at half price. I recommend them to everyone. Special thanks to Lara and Ardit.
Andrea Mariani

I waited a few days to try the bike, and I can say that I am completely satisfied with my purchase! First of all, I applaud the pre and post sales support of the donno bikes staff, who helped me with the customisation of the bike, and everything else.
Valeria Bernardi

It was an amazing experience, the pre- and post-sales customer service was super efficient and very helpful with every request. I really thank Veronica and Manuel for their courtesy and seriousness, they were fantastic. I bought a Yuba Combi bike that I'm crazy about!!! With my child we move easily in the city having a lot of fun. Bike and experience highly recommended!
Maria Francesca De Rubeis/span>

I recently bought a Yuba Kombi from Donno Bikes. The buying experience was excellent. The Donno Bikes team was competent and very helpful. Also (...and especially) in the after-sales department. On its own, the bike is really nice, comfortable and gives me a feeling of security. The kids are having a great time. The home delivery on a pallet was the best!
Filippo Lion

I bought two bikes: the ahooga is perfect, we use it every day with great satisfaction. The second, a taga to be used by three children, on the other hand, gave me problems. The caring team at Donno Bikes, however, was fantastic! Returned the bike and within two days we transferred the return directly to our bank account. Truly an amazing service! BRAVI! Ica Arkel

We bought a Taga bike with pedal assistance, a cargo bike for transporting our 3 children to Ireland. We were well assisted in the right choice of accessories and they also gave us a good discount. The bike arrived semi-assembled within a week. It is a versatile, light and well-equipped cargo bike. Highly recommended for two small to medium-sized children, although we also enjoy it with three medium-sized ones!
Giada Poluzzi

Super!!! Very kind and top quality. We live in Germany but we got the Spicy Curry All Terrain (beautiful) from Donno Bikes in Italy.
Giovanna Leoni

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