Donno Bikes - Guardian Angel for Bonus Bikes

Our Mission

Since the world of bicycles began to benefit from bonuses, Donno Bikes has made it its main objective to guide every enthusiast through the process, ensuring that no one misses out on the opportunities available.

Our achievements

Proven experience:

Since 2020, we have assisted more than 3,000 people in obtaining the bike bonus, totalling a saving of about €1,500,000 between state and consolation bonuses.

Ease of Payment:

With instalments as low as €58 per month, you can receive your bonus even before you have completed your first instalment payment. Guaranteed Savings: Switching to a bike can save you up to €4,000

Continuous Monitoring:

We are always up-to-date. We constantly monitor all available bonuses and know which ones are scheduled for the rest of the year.

Guaranteed savings:

Switching to cycling can save you up to €4,000 per year. Compared to using a car, where you spend between €364 and €708 per month, cycling saves you money and reduces your environmental impact.

Gift Card Bonus Guarantee 100%: Your safety with Donno Bikes

Bonus Guarantee Gift Card 100%

Your peace of mind is our priority. With our Gift Card Bonus Guarantee 100%, we ensure that you get the bonus you want by following our instructions. Should the funds run out, Donno Bikes will refund you the full amount. That is our promise.


Donno Bikes - Angelo Custode per i Bonus Bici
Stefania Gilli

Professional at 100% and very friendly, the Yuba is very comfortable even for someone as short as me. Fast shipment of accessories too. Highly recommended!

Donno Bikes - Angelo Custode per i Bonus Bici
Giuseppe Minervino

In Donno Bikes, I have found excellent professionals: starting with the initial consultancy in directing me on the most suitable vehicle for my needs, moving on to the economic proposal and related financing plans, and ending with after-sales assistance. Helpfulness, attention to detail, and customer orientation were the characteristics I found.

Donno Bikes - Angelo Custode per i Bonus Bici
Marco Cantini

I would like to emphasise the professionalism of everyone and the excellent after-sales service that does not leave us alone in case of need (minor interventions, replacement of bike parts, maintenance, etc.).

Donno Bikes - Angelo Custode per i Bonus Bici
Neddo Simonti

Great service, real time communication even via Whatsapp, very efficient, if they were all like this it would be a better world :D