DonnoSafe - Anti-theft&GPS

Burglar alarm prevents theft

Protect your bike with DonnoSafe -
Your powerful anti-theft system and GPS tracking.

iO InBicy Analog

Main Features

Ultra-Compact and Lightweight

Incredibly small, ensuring that it does not add weight or bulk to your bicycle

Water Resistant

Device is designed to withstand humidity and water

Constant Control

Use the app to monitor the location and condition of your e-bike in real time

Always Active

The anti-theft system is active 24/7, providing you with constant protection when you park your bicycle

Why you should choose DonnoSafe

DonnoSafe is the ideal companion for your bicycle. This ultra-compact and lightweight device offers advanced protection against theft and the ability to monitor your bicycle wherever you are.

With DonnoSafe, you can enjoy your cycling trip with the peace of mind of knowing that your precious vehicle is safe.

Low Impact on Battery

DonnoSafe is designed to consume very little energy from your e-bike battery, allowing you to pedal without worry.

Italian Customer Service

Our customer service is available in Italian, both through the app and through our website, to solve any of your questions or needs.

DonnoSafe- Anti-theft&GPS Protection throughout Europe

DonnoSafe operates in 50 countries in Europe, offering comprehensive protection for your bicycle.

Discrete position in the frame

The DonnoSafe GPS is hidden inside the bicycle frame in an ever-changing position that is impossible for thieves to detect.