Enigma of downtown delivery

How many entrepreneurs come to terms with the famous 'downtown delivery conundrum'?
Between yellow zones, red zones, restricted traffic zones, and zones impassable by vans and cars, getting the merchandise to the customer has become a real puzzle.

Delivery conundrum in the city centre, adapting can be done

We have to adapt to this. Our cities need clean air and filling them with polluting vehicles is no longer a sustainable solution.
There are many companies that, because of this wise choice, have had to diversify their activities or even, outsource the delivery service because they are not equipped.

For many, this generated an increase in running costs. For others, however, it has really the solution to reduce time, consumption and increase turnover.
The bicycle has always been thought of as a recreational means of transport, but faced with this situation, the LOADING BIKES it was the number one ally that provided the much desired support.

In cargo bikes the conundrum of downtown delivery is overcome

From the country to the city. From the shop to the city centre. The modern entrepreneur today knows that the bicycle will enable him to reach his customer quickly, even before the car.
But let's talk about costs: apparently, those who have already done so have obtained savings in excess of approximately EUR 4,000 per yearcost of fuel, maintenance, stamp duty, insurance.


Imagine, then, being able to pedal effortlessly, stable, safe, and above all well balanced on a bike that costs no more than the purchase price. From gritty chainsaws to delicate CupCakes, cargo bikes carry everything because they are robust and resistant to everyday use.

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