Driving Taga Family Electric

The Taga Family Electric gives us such a new feeling of movement that it almost feels like we are driving a vehicle of the future, ready to revolutionise our urban and extra-urban travel habits.

It may be because it is easy to drive and has great stability, but this vehicle instils unparalleled security and confidence.

a stable and safe medium

From the very first pedal stroke, the ease of riding is obvious and we can confirm that any person, even the least experienced, would be able to ride the bike nimbly and without fear.

The three wheels, two at the front and one at the rear, make it stable and well anchored to the road surface, and the feeling you get, pedal after pedal, is that of riding a vehicle that instils confidence.

Driving Taga Family Electric

family and child-friendly

If there is one thing a parent wants from a bike, it is definitely security and control of the children when they are on board. As soon as we get on the Taga Family, we immediately notice how solid the bike is and how easy it is to control our children. Something that conventional bikes do not offer as they have a front basket always at hand.

Driving Taga Family Electric

Uphill and downhill, driving without the weight of loads

It almost feels like driving on the flat all the time. The ride is smooth but firm, with no jerks and no loss of power even on more demanding gradients. This is all thanks to the support of a powerful and quiet electric motor that intelligently accompanies the pedalling, constantly assisting the rider in his or her walks or transport.

Driving Taga Family Electric

after the guide if you want to almost disappear

As soon as you cast your eyes over the Taga Family Electric, you seem to see a big, bulky bike. Nothing could be more inaccurate. In addition to being within the average of its category, it can be folded up on itself, reducing its overall volume significantly, and stored in a car or small garage. The front basket also has the same feature. It can be transformed into a space-saving briefcase less than a metre long.

Driving Taga Family Electric

TAGA driving pleasure is for everyone

We have to admit that when you have children. When one is impractical in driving or does not love cars, choosing the right medium makes the difference and improves our quality of life considerably.

Taga Family Electric seems to be aiming precisely at this: to offer a means of improving our daily actions by thinking of our needs above all else.

If, until yesterday, we believed that a car, a motorbike or a simple bicycle could drive us by single actions, today the Taga Family has made us realise that a single means leads us into multiple actions.

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