Electric cargo bike: A Revolution for Urban Mobility

Nowadays, traffic congestion and air pollution are a big problem for our planet.

In this context, the electric cargo bike is an innovative solution to improve urban mobility in a sustainable way, adaptable to individual needs.

Let us examine how these vehicles are radically transforming our daily commute:

4 reasons to choose an electric cargo bike.

Family Union: Safety and Fun in Motion

The electric cargo bike offers the opportunity to create precious moments with the family, combining safety and fun in a single experience.

Being able to transport their children safely and comfortably promotes quality time outdoors, reducing stress and fostering communication, encouraging a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Electric cargo bike - Yuba Fastrack
Yuba Fastrack

Saving money

How much do we spend annually on fuel, maintenance and other car-related expenses?

Reflecting on these costs, choosing an electric cargo bike not only changes the way we get around, but also revolutionises the way we manage our budget, offering an affordable and sustainable alternative.

There are people who have testified that by replacing part or all of their car use with an electric cargo bike, they can save up to 4,000 euros a year!
With all that money saved, one could have many more experiences! Rather than spending it on the car, that money could pay for a nice family holiday, don't you agree?

Electric cargo bike - iO INBICY

Eco-sustainability: Protecting the Planet and Health

Noxious emissions from cars contribute to environmental degradation and affect our health.
By opting for an electric cargo bike, we not only improve air quality, but also preserve our well-being, actively contributing to environmental sustainability!

Work Efficiency

For workers on the move, the electric cargo bike is an efficient and agile solution.

Electric cargo bikes are also revolutionising the world of deliveries. In fact, these models make the roads much easier, you can pass through restricted traffic zones and narrower streets, and they also solve the problem of parking, ensuring fast and safe delivery.

Electric cargo bike - Yuba Super Cargo
Yuba Super Cargo

How to choose the right electric cargo bike for you

When selecting an electric cargo bike, it is essential to take several factors into account to ensure that you choose the most suitable model for your needs. Here are some important points to consider:

Load capacity

It is essential to assess the weight you plan to transport on your electric cargo bike. If you plan to transport your children, groceries or loads for work, you must tell your supplier the expected weight. Cargo bikes have different load capacities: for example, the Yuba Supercargo, a long John with a wide rack in front, can carry up to 300 kg, while a Long Tail like the Yuba Mundo, with a wide rack in the back, can carry up to 250 kg. It is important to understand that each cargo bike model has different load capacity limits.

Engine autonomy

It is important to consider how many kilometres you plan to cover each day. Each electric cargo bike is equipped with a battery with different autonomy, designed to adapt to your travel needs. If you only plan to ride a few kilometres per day, a battery with a limited autonomy may be sufficient. However, if you plan to ride longer distances, you should consider a battery with a range that supports up to 100 km per day to avoid being without assistance during the ride.

Electric cargo bike - Yuba Kombi E5
Yuba Kombi E5

The roads to be travelled

The characteristics of the motor are decisive, especially depending on the type of terrain on which you intend to travel. If you live in a flat area, motors such as Shimano or 250w Bafang may be adequate. However, if you face slopes and hilly terrain, you should opt for more powerful motors such as Bosch, Mivice or Bafang 350w or 500w. Making sure to choose a motor that is suitable for your riding environment will ensure effective and trouble-free pedalling assistance.

By taking these important factors into account, you can select an electric cargo bike that perfectly suits your transport needs and the characteristics of your daily route.

Electric cargo bike - Yuba Kombi Bagang
Yuba Kombi Bagang

Certification and Approval: Fundamental for Safety

Ensuring that the supplier provides a type approval certificate will guarantee that the electric cargo bike has been tested and approved for the safe transport of passengers and goods. When purchasing an electric cargo bike, it is essential to have this certificate by law.
If a supplier of electric cargo bikes, does not know of the existence of this certificate, this is a big alarm about the safety of the electric cargo bikes they sell and I would suggest changing suppliers. Also, checking the availability of local spare parts will ensure efficient and timely maintenance.

Always ask if spare parts for the electric cargo bike are in the supplier's warehouse, or available in Italy.
If you do not inquire about this, you are likely to find yourself waiting an eternity for spare parts, in case of maintenance, because they may only be available abroad, not to mention the expensive shipping costs!

Electric cargo bike - Yuba Kombi E6
Yuba Kombi E6

Financial and Environmental Considerations: A Guide to a Sustainable Future

For a future of sustainable urban mobility, investing in an electric cargo bike is not only a smart choice, but a commitment to an environmentally friendly and active lifestyle. By fostering deeper family connections and saving valuable time and resources, it becomes an integral part of a high-quality life experience.

Electric cargo bike: Conclusion

Electric cargo bikes are an ongoing revolution in urban mobility, combining practicality, sustainability and fun in one vehicle. Looking ahead, investing in an electric cargo bike not only improves our quality of life, but also preserves the planet for future generations.

Electric cargo bike - Taga Family Bike
Taga Family Bike

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