Gift Card Bonus Guarantee 100%: Your safety with Donno Bikes

What is the Bonus Guarantee Gift Card 100%?

The Gift Card Bonus Guarantee 100% is our promise that if you follow our instructions to get the bike bonus, you will receive the desired bonus. If, for any reason, the funds run out and you do not receive the bonus, Donno Bikes will return the full amount of the Gift Card to you.

How it works

Buy the Gift Card: choose between the two amounts available and add it to your cart.
Follow our instructions: Once you have purchased your bike, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to claim your bonus.
Receive your bonus or money back: If, by following our instructions, you do not receive your bonus, we will return the full amount of your Gift Card.

Choose your Gift Card

Gift Card Bonus Guarantee 100%: Your safety with Donno Bikes
€500 Gift Card

Ideal for those considering investing in a new mid-range bike.

Gift Card Bonus Guarantee 100%: Your safety with Donno Bikes
€1000 Gift Card

Perfect for those who want the best in performance and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Gift Card is designed specifically for the purchase of our electric bikes. The €500 Gift Card is suitable for the purchase of a standard electric bike, while the €1000 Gift Card is ideal for the electric cargo bike. However, it is important to note that the Gift Card only covers current promotions. If you have further questions or would like more details on current promotions, please fill out our form to leave a request and we will get back to you as soon as possible

If you manage to get the bonus, it means that our 'mission bonus' has been successfully completed! Congratulations on obtaining your bonus. The Gift Card serves as a guarantee on our part that you will get the bonus. Once you get it, you can enjoy your new electric bike with the peace of mind that you got a great deal.

Yes, the Gift Card has an expiry date which is specified in the instructions provided at the time of purchase or when given as a gift by our managers. We recommend that you use it by the date indicated to ensure that you benefit from current promotions.


Donno Bikes - Guardian Angel for Bonus Bikes
Stefania Gilli

Professional at 100% and very friendly, the Yuba is very comfortable even for someone as short as me. Fast shipment of accessories too. Highly recommended!

Donno Bikes - Guardian Angel for Bonus Bikes
Giuseppe Minervino

In Donno Bikes, I have found excellent professionals: starting with the initial consultancy in directing me on the most suitable vehicle for my needs, moving on to the economic proposal and related financing plans, and ending with after-sales assistance. Helpfulness, attention to detail, and customer orientation were the characteristics I found.

Donno Bikes - Guardian Angel for Bonus Bikes
Marco Cantini

I would like to emphasise the professionalism of everyone and the excellent after-sales service that does not leave us alone in case of need (minor interventions, replacement of bike parts, maintenance, etc.).

Donno Bikes - Guardian Angel for Bonus Bikes
Neddo Simonti

Great service, real time communication even via Whatsapp, very efficient, if they were all like this it would be a better world :D