Can I Cycle in the Red Zone?

Can I Cycle in the Red Zone?

Can I go out cycling in the Red Zone? Italy has been 'going out and coming back' from the Coloured Zones for some time now, but what many readers ask us is: 'Can we go out and come back for our cycling despite being in the Red Zone?"

The answer is yes, but only for single sports activities, going to work or shopping. Undeniably, alas, we have to grit our teeth and put up with these situations for a while longer, as deicated in the decree.

Is it advisable to go out in the Red Zone by bike?

For bicycle owners, everything will be less burdensome, as these new restrictions would seem to indicate. If I wanted to date a Taga, Yuba or Ahooga?
If I wanted to make a pedalling for sporting purposesI can do it alone and not with company. But if I want to take the air with my children, it is advisable to stay close to home.

For those with Modular bike by Ahooga for example, it will be easier to make a "longest outing' in terms of kilometres, the important thing is to respect the pre-established rule of not leaving the region.
For those who own a Folding of Ahooga, can go to the office while taking advantage of the convenience of a space-saving, electric vehicle.

going out in the Red Zone on a bike?

Cycling Yes, but common sense always applies

Of course, in addition to Common Sense, we pay attention to the standard rules: it is true that we may not wear a mask during our tours with our Taga bikes, Yuba Bikes or Ahooga Bikes, but if we are in company or meet other people, we always wear a face mask and keep a distance of 2 metres

Knowing that even in red we can breathe good air, hundreds of people are already choosing the Perfect bike without waiting for the summer (also because then it will be too late to enjoy it).

Find out through a quiz very fast and fun the perfect bike according to your needs, useful to gather all the information that a bike dealer does not usually offer.



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