Mobility difficulties in Liguria.

Mobility difficulties in Liguria. We all know Liguria for how popular it is with Italian and foreign tourists but also for the traffic that characterises it. You are about to get the perfect solution for getting anywhere in the city without being slowed down by city traffic.

Read on to reap the benefits against the difficulties of mobility in the homeland of the 5 terre.


The solution to reduce mobility difficulties in Liguria.

In order to speed up the time to get to work, we choose to use the car, but our idea is shared by many of our fellow citizens, causing delays and sometimes even accidents.

Genoa is a city rich in cycle paths, so the first solution that may come to mind is the bicycle.

Among the countless models and brands on the market, choosing the safest and most suitable one is no easy task.

Very often they do not even indicate the material, which means that the bike is very heavy and difficult to transport and ride.

They also have wheels that are so small that they make the rider look like a bear on a circus bike, plus they have a hinge that seems to break the bike in half and provides less and less stability with every impact it suffers.


The ideal bike to overcome mobility difficulties in Liguria.

The perfect bike, suitable for everyone and every occasion, should be made of aluminium so that it is light to carry and ride; it should be either muscular or electric, depending on the buyer's needs but above all reflect the style and personality of the rider.

Another key element is the wheels, whose ideal size is 20 inches, so that they are in proportion with the rider.

Last but not least, the rear undercarriage in the chassis provides safety and strength.

Now, however, the ball is in your court. Knowing that a bike with unquestionable features is already on the market you would choose the security designed for the your needs or a cheap bike sold just because it has an attractive price?

For you we have a quiz very fast and fun with which you can discover your ideal bike and gather all the information that a bike dealer does not usually offer.

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