Taga Family Electric, the technician replies

Taga Family Electric, the technician replies

Today we will answer the 6 most popular questions about the Taga Family Electric thanks to the support of our technician Omar.

Recently unveiled after a worthwhile test drive and a detailed technical analysis, we gave your curiosity a chance to be heard, and as usual, opened up completely new scenarios.

Taga family bike

Taga Family Electric, the interest for families

Maria Da Bologna asks:

Up to what age can children be transported in Taga Family?

The Taga Family's front basket can support loads of up to 70 kg. But generally, the maximum load for a child is 35 kg.

Giovanna from Brescia asks:

Is it safe to carry children in front of the driver on a bicycle?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. By having the children in front of us, we can offer them more control without taking attention away from driving the vehicle.

Taga Family Electric

Taga Family Electric Warranty and Versatility the technician answers

Simone from Genoa asks:

How does the warranty work and in case parts break?

Every Taga vehicle is guaranteed for 2 years by the parent company. After the manufacturer's warranty, Donnobikes is always present and ready to assess the problem and offer the best solution.

Roberta from Milan asks:

How to protect children in the rain and from the cold?

By installing a sunroof, known as a royal, one can drive safely and versatility in all seasons, from rain to shine.

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Taga Family, power and multifunctional uses

Taga Family, power and multifunctional uses

Cristiano from Rome asks:

Does the bike have a motor? And how does it drive on city ups and downs?

The Taga has an engine with 60 Nm of torque, which is particularly agile and powerful for transporting even two children on the ups and downs of Rome.

Salvatore from Palermo asks:

But is the Taga only from Children's Transport or is it also used for high functions?

With Taga, the loading possibilities are endless. In addition to children, you can do mega shopping, transport work items, suitcases, surfing and even our four-legged friends.

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