Technical review Ahooga modular bike

Technical review Ahooga modular bike

We rode MODULAR AHOOGAand experienced first-hand the riding qualities of this lightweight cargo bike. Now we will discover the technical details that make it the leader in its market segment and winner of the Red Dot Design 2020.

The bike has an ultra-light, technologically advanced frame that weighs no more than 16 kg with battery and motor included. A great achievement for its category, which despite its light form, is capable of carrying a total load of 150 kg (20 in the front rack, 50 in the rear rack). All in all, the Ahooga Modular is an ultra-durable slim.


The parent company offers four models, but the one that unites all driving needs is definitely the 36 v from 8 speeds. Available in two variants: with high transverse tubulars and low transverse tubulars, at the handlebars in comfort line version, or sport guide version.

The pedalling system is controlled by a German-made motor located in the hub of the rear wheel: the much appreciated Ansmann 250 W., which develops a torque of 60 N/m.

Small, light and performing

Small, light and high-performance, the engine can reach up to 25 km/h and an autonomy of up to 60kmthanks to the great battery support from the 300 Wh lithium-ion battery, which we find in the concealed housing of the chassis.

This motor provides us with controlled deceleration, optimised energy use and autonomous sensor repositioning. In addition, with the plug & playno shock will jeopardise the connection to the system.

Thule basket on the Ahooga Modular bike

Engine that is controlled by the easy oled display supplied, through which we can analyse the speed and mileage, the 5 intensity levels and check the battery voltage.

Smooth transmission and rapid braking system

To enhance the driving experience, the transmission was chosen Shimano Sram x4. Silent, smooth and fast chain changes on the sprocket pack. Features that significantly reduce battery consumption and not only that; they prevent wear and tear on the basic mechanics.

Fast, high-performance and agile. These are the characteristics belonging to Modular Ahoogain addition to the excellent response of Shimano's hydraulic braking system, placed on 160 discs.ahooga modular bike

The bike is equipped with lightweight aluminium rims on which tyres from the Schwalbe Big Apple four-season 26. Rubber with a 3 mm puncture protection compound. Its unique riding comfort features are worth highlighting.

In addition to lightness, there is a very important structural quality. We are talking about the space-saving kit, which considerably reduces the volume of the bike through the quick twisting of the handlebars and the quick clip off of the pedals for a total footprint of 16 cm. A valuable opportunity for those who need storage in limited spaces.

Create now with us the
Ahooga Modular perfect

for your needs "

Accessories for all needs

Last but not least comes a large selection of accessories that definitively clarify the vehicle's sense of modularity. From classic front racks to 20 kg and rear by 50 kgcapable of offering real support and safety (the general market offers the same product with a load capacity of 5/10 kg in the rear and half in the front). on which to fit child seats for children up to 15 kg. Plus locking systems, mudguards, dedicated safety lights and dedicated side bags.


The Ahooga Modular cargo bike is a unique and complete medium that tells its own story.
All that remains is to invite you to take another look at the video of the topics  most discussed by our customers, and if you have any doubts please do not hesitate to contact us.

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