The endless costs of commuting in big cities

The endless costs of commuting in big cities have become truly unsustainable.
I am about to reveal how you can save money and better control mobility-related costs in big cities to respect the environment and improve your life.

How to cut the endless costs of pendolars nn big cities.


Continue reading our article for economic benefits. Our days are now mechanical.
We perform actions that seem optimal to us but on analysing them we realise that they are not so optimal. A practical example common to all is urban mobility.

In order to get to work and all the places we frequent on a daily basis, we face shocking costs, especially for those who live in big cities.
Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Bari, Palermo, Catania, Bologna and Florence are just some of the Italian metropolises that struggle daily with smog and traffic.

Imagine that you are a commuter and work as an employee, collaborator or self-employed person and that you live outside the city centre and that you have 3 possible solutions to reach your workplace.

Solutions to cut the endless costs of commuting in big cities.


The first, perhaps the most practical, easiest and fastest is the Metro. But if you live outside the city you have to use other means to get there.
The cost for a one-way ticket is €1.50, including the return journey, so a total of at least €3. In addition, you have the option of the €7 day ticket or the €35 monthly season ticket.

Not bad for moving around big Italian cities, but we both know that you can do better.
As a second option we have the use of private transport. Even more convenient than the first solution because you are not dependent on any timetable and do not have the worry that it might be too crowded.

The car is all the more convenient when it is more expensive because it includes not only the cost of petrol, but also all the extra expenses: insurance, coupons, annual tyre changes, parking with a custodian (daily price of 25 € and monthly 200 €) or in the blue stripes (1 € per hour or a monthly pass of 70 €). In the long run, you face very high costs.
As a last resort, we have the alternative means.

It could be either a ride asked of the husband or a colleague or a bike. Here the costs are very low or even zero.
No filling up the car tank, no parking, no walking from the bus stop to the workplace.
In short, the most economical and ecological solution you could ever choose.
If you, too, are thinking of using a bike instead of incurring such high daily costs, I invite you to discover all the proposals the bike market has in store for you.



The means to cut the endless costs of commuting in big cities.

There are bikes on the market that are very cheap but do not meet a number of urban mobility requirements that you could not do without.
For example the folding bike. Ahooga makes specific models for city mobility that respect safety, dynamism and comfort far superior to a classic city bike.

It can be closed in just 14 seconds and you can take it with you wherever you go. It is very light, weighing only 14 kg because it is made of high quality materials.
Its frame and 20-inch wheels take away that feeling of being a bear riding a circus bike.

There are two great versions to complete the range: muscular and electric to suit your needs. I would say perfect and suitable for every personality.
If you want to cut the endless costs of transport and at the same time respect the environment, Ahooga is the bike for you.

Now Ahooga is in your hands. It's up to you to make the best choice!

Here is a very quick and fun quiz for you with which you can discover your ideal bike and gather all the information that a bike dealer does not usually offer

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