Three bikes under the tree!


It was nice to give you gift ideas for a different, original and conscious Christmas.

The three fantastic models we have told you about can really become an everyday means of transport.

They are designed both for those who like to spend every free moment on a bicycle and for those who are not used to using it so frequently.

We have tried to give you the most useful and important information about the three most functional and trendy bikes. We realised that despite the different platforms and product pages, it is not always easy for readers to find their way around when choosing a product.

The guides were created by our team of experts and the products shown are those that we have tested first-hand and can therefore really recommend.

Ahooga Bike style electric, Taga Bici Passeggino and Yuba Kombi electric are really the three bikes to put under the tree.

They are models that have already made thousands of people around the world fall in love in just a few years.

Winners in 2018 of the Red Hot Design Award, the world's most prestigious award in contemporary design, they are destined to be your best everyday allies.

Each with exclusive features and formidable performance, suitable for the whole family, for enjoying and sharing outdoor walks together, but also for moving with agility in city traffic.

We have seen how trends are changing and if it really is a green world that awaits us, let us not be unprepared, but rather let us also work together to change some environmentally harmful lifestyles.

To continue on the road to a cleaner planet, pedalling with the practicality and functionality of extraordinary bicycles that will accompany us every day. We think that's a really good New Year's resolution, don't you?


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