Cycling and fashion, a combination that over the years has proved ambiguous but at the same time innovative.

Several designers are passionate about the sport, and we have thus witnessed creations and trends that have in a way absorbed the bike world and their urban ideals of freedom and eco-sustainability.

The bicycle has been able to create a beautiful synergy linking cycling to fashion and thus to its stylists and designers. Striking is the case of Demna Gvasalia, creative director of Balenciaga.

We do not know if he is a cycling enthusiast, but we have all witnessed his latest creations, born after years of research and experimentation in the city of Antwerp in Belgium.

Cycling in this place is a religion, and it is evident how this influence has inspired and contaminated him, since in addition to the chain bracelets, he has also launched the Balenciaga bicycle, a mountain bike designed for the Paris concept store.

This is a demonstration of design that, together with other objects, is intended to tell the story of our everyday life.

Fashion designer Paul Smith, on the other hand, is such a cycling enthusiast that as a child he dreamt of making cycling his profession, but an accident at a very young age precluded his career.

However, this great passion has remained very much alive over time. During his career he designed the pink jersey of the 2013 Giro d'Italia and later created a line inspired by those who cycle every day.

It is a collection characterised by garments somewhere between glamorous, sporty and technical.

It is well known to all how fashion goes hand in hand with revolutions and in a way becomes a mirror of change.

The bicycle in this respect resembles it, it is an instrument of rebellion, surviving the passage of time, changing and revolutionising its appearance but not its intrinsic value.

In short, a union that embraces beauty and a beautiful message related to progress.

The importance of linking aspects close to our everyday life, capable of telling what we would like to be, finding a balance between our personality and our habits.

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