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Are you full of energy, ideas, do you want to change the world and protect the environment? Would you like to apply innovative communication techniques to spread your ideas? Would you like to be part of an international team?


Our employees are the greatest value of Donno Bikes. The company's rapid growth demands great professionalism and dedication from all our employees. Our family company culture, an international environment and short decision-making paths contribute to a positive and creative working environment, making working for Donno Bikes an exciting professional experience. Professional assignments and opportunities await you.


A creative working environment is important to us. You can bring your own ideas and actively participate in day-to-day projects and activities. We are on a first-name basis and communicate with each other regardless of hierarchical levels. The horizontal hierarchy encourages the presentation of new ideas and discussion of topics. Maintaining and growing the competences of our employees is important for the mutual benefit of collaboration.

Respect, honesty and esteem

We respect the opinions and abilities of others. We are committed to ethical behaviour and mutual esteem is the basis of our cooperation. We respect the personal dignity and privacy of every individual. We are open, tolerant and honest. We are reliable partners and only make promises that we can keep. These principles apply to both internal collaborations and relations with external partners.


We are responsible to our employees. We are aware that our resources are limited and we use them optimally to achieve our goals. We are committed to acting responsibly so as not to endanger the health and safety of our employees. It is the responsibility of our employees to behave in accordance with safety regulations.


We focus on versatility. Nobody knows everything, so we rely on every individual. We are involved in the team and as team members we contribute to the achievement of goals. We collaborate closely through professional groups. We aspire to be more effective, a goal that can be achieved through lean structures and flexibility.