World Bike Day a true story

La World Bike Day a true story which not everyone remembers or knows, but thanks to its anniversary, today mankind has drastically reduced the distance separating a more liveable world from that abyss called pollution.

It all began in 2015, when Leszek Sibilskia professor of sociology and activist for cycling and physical education, was asked to write a text about equality.
So it was that within a few hours 'The bicycle is everyone's business' was born, and what appeared to be just a protest post soon became one of the world's most active equality manifestos.

world Bicycle Day
World Cycling Day a true story: the discovery

Sibilski had summed up in a simple bicycle, all humanity regardless of skin colour, ethnicity or social class. The concept was so great that it made that idea a global event. And so it was that on 12 April 2018, UN declares 3 June World Cycling Day a true story.

Let's face it. The bike is not only a means that unites, but it is above all that means that not only supports our health, but also greatly helps nature to take back its space.

World Bike Day: mobility ideas

There are bikes that help nature but above all those who live it. Man in his everyday life and his daily functions needs adequate means and one of these is the functional bike. The kind that offers solutions and not fears. The one offering comfort and quality in favour of human safety and the environment.
Quiz donno bikes

If you are curious to find out which means of urban mobility is closest to your needs, I invite you to complete this Free QUIZand you will discover how a good Leszek Sibilski saw a lot about the usefulness of this medium and its ability to turn an idea into health, savings and quality of life.

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