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A typical cargo bike offers good pedalling, but not much versatility in use. A normal electric cargo bike carries heavy loads, but requires space to manoeuvre and park. We believe that what people really need is an everyday e-bike designed with the perfect combination of ease of riding, cargo capacity and beautiful design. Our line of compact cargo bikes have been developed with incredible manoeuvrability and the ability to carry exactly what you need.


The full-size cargo bikes are ready for anything and capable of carrying more than three times the load of a normal bike, reaching the 250 kg payload threshold. They smooth out hills and shorten distances with the industry-leading Shimano STePS mid-drive Bosch electric motor. They are preferred by large families, those who use their bikes to transport loads on journeys for their profession, and those who want to experience off-road adventure.


Ultra light, super compact, fashionable and with an award-winning design, the Ahooga folding bikes are the top of the range of city bikes. Their hinge-free frame that remains an intact triangle during folding, unique in the folding bike market, makes them the strongest and most comfortable to ride. Stored in the boot or in a bag for transporting them anywhere, even on public transport, they are always ready for use. It only takes 10 seconds to unfold them and get on the saddle!


More than a two-wheeler: daily trips, micro-adventures with the family, professional use... these bikes have the answer to everything! The low centre of gravity, thanks to the 20" wheels, is the secret to the stability that makes these powerful cargo bikes easy to handle on flat surfaces, in curves or uphill. And they make them the easiest cargo bikes for loading equipment, children or bulky objects. Ultra-manoeuvrable, no matter how heavy the load, the front cargo bikes are incredibly smooth. The steering system is responsive to every movement and makes them really fun and easy to ride.


A city bike is a two-wheeler that is particularly agile in city traffic, flexible and durable. Modern, gritty, electric with gears or single speed to get around faster. Pedal-assisted city bikes are designed for urban commuting, getting to work, travelling quickly on cycle paths. Get around town safely with a city bike!


Cargo bike iO InBicy has the same length as a normal bike. And that's where the similarities end. The smallest of the compact cargo bikes breaks all conventions. To the agile ride of a typical e-bike, it adds the power of a 250W motor. It has more carrying capacity than any other compact and enough to make any full-size cargo bike sweat. This unparalleled combination of ride and capacity starts with 26″ wheels for comfort and control, a high-tech frame for strength, and tops it off with Flash Switch, the innovative patented cargo docking system for maximum everyday functionality.

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