While evaluating the purchase of a bicycle, during and after the purchase, you benefit from statutory warranties and a range of free services and bonuses designed exclusively by Donno Bikes for its customers.



Live with Donno Bike to choose your bike model and configuration!

  • Duration approx. 15 minutes
  • Live from our workshop
  • Share it on social media with hasthag #donnolive and bike brand among #yubabikes #ahoogabikes #tagabikes #InBicy
  • Tag @donnobikes

Get :

  • an immediate discount on purchase worth 100 euros


Upload an instant discount of EUR 200 to the Donno Bikes App.

With the use of the app you get:

  • 15% discount on each purchase until the 200 euro credit has been used up
  • Status of Friend Donno Bikes with cashback 7% on your account with each purchase
  • Possibility of receiving cashback credits in cash directly to your current account
  • Cashback 3% for each purchase made by reporting your personal QR code, with the Introduce a friend.



The Free Card gives you access to interest-free loans and instalments, TAN 0% APR 0% for your purchases.

Donno Bikes is a partner of several banks and financial institutions that provide the BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) formula, offering payment of your purchases in 4 to 36 instalments.

Our advisors will assist you in applying for and obtaining the instalment payment best suited to your purchase and your circumstances.


The Safe Card constitutes a guarantee for your purchases, in accordance with current legislation.

It includes:

  • Legal protection of conformity in case of factory defects
  • Repair, replacement or reimbursement of parts found to be defective
  • Conformity of declared representations of use and operation

Does not include:

  • Transport damage or loss during shipment
  • Normal wear and tear of the product due to use
  • Damage not attributable to the original state of delivery, such as scratches, blows from falls or accidents, vandalism and anything else not listed in "Includes".

Electrical components:

  • Where expressly indicated, some components carry a 12-month warranty


It includes:

  • Extension of conformity protection in the case of factory defects from 2 to 5 years
  • Repair, replacement or reimbursement of parts found to be defective
  • Conformity of declared representations of use and operation

Does not include:

  • Excluded from the 5-year warranty extension is everything not included in the legal 2-year warranty



The Service Card guarantees a package of exclusive services

When buying a bicycle

  • Expert assembly
  • Tuning and road testing
  • Triple 19-point quality control on assembly, registration and operation standards
  • Electronic passport with owner data, technical data sheet, coupons and maintenance
  • Digital proof of purchase
  • QR code and other security devices on the frame

After purchasing the bicycle

  • Authorised Assistance Centres (CAA) throughout Italy

Exclusively if you prefer your own workshop at home

  • Training your workshop for the correct maintenance of your bicycle model. Training with our specialised mechanics can take place at our premises, by video conference, or by telephone with the aid of video supports that will be provided to the workshop


When you receive your purchase:

  • film an unboxing video
  • share it on social media by tagging @donnobikes
  • use the hashtags #donnobike #unboxing
  • don't forget the hashtag with the name of the brand you bought: #yubabikes #ahoogabikes #tagabikes #InBicy

You will receive:

  • a free check-up for your Donno Bikes
  • to be spent at one of our authorised workshops
  • value 45 euro


Get your bike at the speed of light!

  • Most models are in stock
  • Check the product data sheet of the purchased product for timings
  • Wait for the courier and always try to be available by phone on scheduled delivery days


The SOS Card guarantees an exclusive package of services.

  • 24/7 assistance for the entire life of the bicycle
  • Emergency support to law enforcement in case of theft
  • Direct line to our mechanics for minor maintenance
  • Direct line to our experts for questions and implementations
  • Availability by phone, video call, via Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook

For more information on warranties, support and free vouchers, please contact Customer Service.

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