A bicycle with integrated anti-theft device: how to solve the theft problem

Bicycle theft has become increasingly common, leaving cyclists with a sense of frustration and vulnerability. Many people are forced to opt for low-quality bicycles to avoid great disappointment in the event of theft. However, with technological innovation, it is now possible to enjoy a high-quality bicycle without fear thanks to the latest anti-theft devices!

Donno Safe: Advanced protection for your bike

At Donno Bikes, we work to ensure safety, stability and comfort for all our customers. That is why we have also decided to provide extra peace of mind for those who are afraid to invest in a quality bicycle because of theft in their city!
Donno Safe, is the bike anti-theft device par excellence! Designed to be integrated directly on the bike, or external and universal for all models!

Constant monitoring of your bicycle

Equipped with an advanced motion sensor, Donno Safe features a motion-sensing bike theft deterrent system that connects to the owner's mobile phone. Whenever the bike is shaken suspiciously, the bike theft deterrent is activated and immediately sends a notification to your phone, so whether you're at home, at work or shopping, you can immediately go out and check the situation.

GPS tracking: Track your bike anywhere

The surprises don't end there! In addition to the motion sensor, Donno Safe is a bike theft deterrent with a built-in GPS that allows you to track the exact location of your bike at any time and any place. So if, after notification by the motion sensor, you are unable to retrieve your bike immediately, you can track its movements in real time. This also allows you to immediately report the theft to the authorities. Thieves can no longer escape! Your bike will always be under control.

Anti-theft Bike Cables: Extra Protection for Your Bike

A good anti-theft bike cable is also necessary to avoid unpleasant events.
Thanks to innovation in this field, specially designed anti-theft bike cables have been created to resist any theft attempt. Made of high-quality materials, such as special case-hardened steel or ultra-strong manganese steel, these cables provide additional protection for your bike.

integrated bicycle anti-theft device - iO InBicy
iO InBicy

Invest in your bike safety with Donno Safe

In a world where bicycle theft is becoming increasingly common, it is essential to invest in the security of your means of transport. With Donno Safe and the anti-theft bike cables, you can finally enjoy your bike without worries. Don't give up a quality bicycle out of fear! From today you have no more excuses!


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