From theft to thief in handcuffs in 10 minutes: when assistance makes a difference

Finally it is yours. Your beautiful e-bike has arrived. Five minutes and you're on the road, you'd never get off. But sooner or later you have to stop for a moment, for an errand. And at that moment a feeling of unease assails you... you know it well, don't you? Leave my jewellery unattended outside? What if it gets stolen? With what it cost me... and besides, it's too beautiful, opportunity makes the man a thief, but so three times as much...

You start looking around cautiously, searching for the best way to find your e-bike on the way out.

And there it is, the right pole. It looks safe. You hook it and walk away. With disquiet growing, hoping that there is no creative thief around that very day. Not least because you know what would happen if, on leaving the pharmacy, your bike was gone. Reporting the theft and drawing up the report, only to realise that you have no ownership papers with you, let alone any idea which drawer they went in. Hours, days of waiting, while you have to drive to work, heartbroken because you feel they will never find it. And if they ever do, without documents proving that that bike is really yours, you'll never get it home. And the thief who ruined one of your most beautiful joys will get away with it.

An ordinary urban crime story with the usual bad ending?

September 2022. This is Elena, she lives in Milan. And when she came out of that pharmacy, instead of her electric city bike Ahooga yellow Lamborghini, which he loves, found a torn post and a rusty old bike left behind by the thief. In addition to the damage, the mockery.

But Elena is one lucky girl. Before she can report the theft, the police identify a suspect riding a spectacular e-bike and stop him. They are convinced the bike is stolen, but to detain the suspect they must quickly prove that a theft has been committed or they will have to let him go with the bike.

Although their hopes of success are slim - they know from experience that this type of search takes time, and what's more, it's Saturday - they contact Donno Bikes, responsible for Ahooga Italycommunicating the codes on the chassis and asking for cooperation. In less than 10 minutes they receive complete documentation identifying Elena as the unequivocal owner. The police are stunned and delighted, the thief a little less so. We want to bet on the number of jumps of joy from Elena to the cry of 'Donno Bikes I love you"when the police returned your Ahooga within hours of the theft?

Elena was not just lucky, she was smart.

He chose to buy his e-bike from a brand that guarantees the best safety and after-sales service in Italy: available 24/7, with registration and QR code on vehicles, electronic passport and digital proof of purchase. Everything you need to keep your customers happy and protected not only at the time of purchase, but throughout the life of their bike.

And to the creative thieves out there, watch out: you won't have it easy with Donno Bikes!


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