Cargo Bike: what it is and how to choose it

Cargo bikes are gaining in popularity as a sustainable and versatile transport solution for families, traders and companies. But what exactly are they and how can you choose one that suits your needs? In this article we will explore the various types of Cargo Bikes, and the factors to consider when determining the price and whether the economical options are really worth it.

Types of cargo bikes

Cargo bikes are available in different configurations to meet a wide range of transport needs. The most common models include:

Three-wheel Cargo Bike

These models offer greater stability and are ideal for those who are not very familiar with two-wheeled bicycles. They are ideal for transporting heavy or bulky loads, bicycles such as those from the TAGA brand, allow you to transport mainly children, but can carry loads of all kinds such as food, sports equipment or goods for delivery, always within the limits of the maximum load capacity of the bicycle.

Three-wheel Cargo Bike - Taga Family Bike
Three-wheel Cargo Bike - Taga Family Bike

Two-wheeled Cargo Bike

More similar to a traditional bicycle, two-wheel Cargo Bikes offer greater agility and ease of handling. They are perfect for carrying passengers or other loads and may be more suitable for riding in tight spaces or heavy urban traffic.

There are different types of Cargo Bike two-wheelers such as:

Le Long Tail

Cargo bikes with a 'long tail' design feature a long rack on the back of the bike, allowing up to three children to be carried, and have a maximum load capacity to transport larger goods and heavier weights such as food or camping equipment. Among the best is the Yuba Mundo, which, with a maximum load capacity of 250 kg, is considered the SUV of cargo bikes.

Le Long Tail - Yuba Mundo
Le Long Tail - Yuba Mundo

The Middle Tail

Similar to long tails but with a slightly shorter carrier, Cargo Bikes with a 'medium tail' design offer a balance between load capacity and manoeuvrability. They are suitable for carrying up to two children (or three depending on the maximum load capacity of the bike or the weight of the children), medium-sized goods and can be easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces. It must be said, however, that middle tails can also carry heavy or bulky loads. The iO InBicy, for example, is 188 cm long, but can carry up to 200 kg in weight!

The Middle Tail - iO InBicy
The Middle Tail - iO InBicy

Long John

These models are the most popular. They have a unique design with the load positioned in front of the rider, between the handlebars and the front wheel (the famous front box). They offer better visibility of the load and excellent stability while riding. They are ideal for transporting bulky or fragile goods, such as crates of beer or goods for delivery, but you can also use them to transport your children by inserting seats in the body, such as child seats or seats depending on the age of the children. Among the best we can find the Yuba Supercargo, with a maximum load capacity of 300 kg. Its secret is its dual-cable steering, which is sensitive and responsive to the slightest steering manoeuvre.

Long John - Yuba Supercargo
Yuba Supercargo

All these types of Cargo Bikes listed can be either muscle or electric versions. The latter are versions equipped with a motor that provides pedalling assistance, making it easier to tackle steep climbs or carry heavy loads effortlessly. They are ideal for those who want greater autonomy and convenience in transport.

Regardless of the type you choose, be sure to carefully evaluate the features of each Cargo Bike to find the one best suited to your transport needs.

Cargo bike price: how much should I budget to spend?

The cost of a Cargo Bike can vary greatly depending on the make, model and additional features. In general, Cargo Bikes can cost from a few hundred to several thousand euros.

Factors influencing price include the material of the frame (steel, aluminium, carbon), the quality of the components (brakes, gearbox, wheels) and the presence of additional options such as integrated lights, mudguards and baskets, or additional accessories such as seats, rack cushions or protective rods in the case of the long tail and middle tail.

Before buying, carefully consider your budget and assess whether the additional features offered by more expensive models are necessary for your transport needs.

Cargo Bike - Yuba Kombi
Yuba Kombi

Cheap cargo bikes: is it worth saving?

Although it may be tempting to opt for a cheap cargo bike to save money, it is important to consider whether the initial savings compensate for any additional costs in the long run.

Cheap cargo bikes may have compromises in the quality of materials and components, which may affect durability and safety. In addition, they may require higher maintenance costs over time.

Before making a decision, carefully consider your transport needs and assess whether an investment in a superior Cargo Bike might offer better value in the long term.

I would like to point out that buying a bicycle is not only an investment in your health, but also a great responsibility.
You should always make sure with the supplier that he will follow you up in case you need maintenance and that he gives you, together with the bicycle, a certificate indicating that it is your property and that it is approved for riding on the road.

Cargo Bike - iO InBicy
iO InBicy

When you drive a car, do you always have your licence and registration with you?

Well, it is no different for bicycles, they are still a means of transport.


Choosing the right Cargo Bike requires careful evaluation of the types available, the price and the best options for you. With thorough research and thoughtful evaluation, you can find the perfect Cargo Bike to meet your transport needs in a sustainable and efficient manner.


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