Dog Transport Bikes in Italy: Find the Perfect Solution for Your Four-legged Friend

Trasportare il tuo fedele amico a quattro zampe in bicicletta può essere un’esperienza divertente e gratificante. Che tu stia facendo una passeggiata rilassante nel parco o che tu voglia portare il tuo cane in giro per la città, è importante scegliere l’attrezzatura giusta per assicurare il massimo comfort e sicurezza per il tuo animale domestico.

In Italy, dog transport by bike has become increasingly popular, and with a wide range of options available, finding the right bike for you and your dog can seem like a daunting task.

But fear not, we are here to help you find the perfect solution for your transport needs! In this article we will discuss the solutions available in Italy for transporting dogs of different sizes, and I will also mention some models that are among the best on the market, ideal for transporting dogs by bike.

Dog Basket 10 kg: The Perfect Choice for Small Dogs

If you have a small dog, a bike basket designed for dogs weighing up to 10 kg might be the ideal solution for you. These baskets offer a comfortable and safe way to transport your pet during your cycling adventures. With models like the Yuba Kombi, which has a large and comfortable basket, you can comfortably transport your pet and keep an eye on it.

Bike basket for dogs 10 kg - Basil Buddy
Basil Buddy dog basket

Bike Carrier for Dogs 10 kg: Comfort and Safety for Small Dogs

For owners of small dogs who want a versatile and safe solution for bike transport, a bike carrier designed for dogs up to 10 kg such as the Basil Buddy Dog Basket may be the solution. This accessory, which is designed as a comfortable cage for small animals, fits easily in either the rear or front carrier of all models. Options such as the iO InBicy, on the other hand, allow you to transport your pet comfortably in the maxi basket at the front or in the rear carrier with protective rods, depending on your preferences and the needs of your pet.

Bike trailer for dogs max. 30 kg XLC Doggy Van Capacity
XLC Doggy Van bike trailer

Dog Basket 20 kg: Maximum Comfort for Medium-sized Dogs

If you have a medium-sized dog, you may want to consider a bike model designed for dogs up to 20 kg. These models offer more space and comfort for your pet when travelling by bike. The Taga Bike Family Base is a fantastic option for transporting medium-sized dogs! With a load capacity of up to 180 kg and the possibility of positioning the dog in front of the rider, this electric tricycle has a very spacious basket, which also allows the dog to lie down and be more comfortable during the journey.

Pet Bikes: Discover the Ideal Solution for Your Needs

In addition to baskets and bike carriers, there are also models specially designed for transporting pets of all sizes. The Yuba SuperCargo, with its front load carrier and a load capacity of up to 300 kg, is perfect for large dogs.

The Yuba Spicy Curry, with its rear rack and safety bars, is ideal for medium and small dogs. And if you are looking for a compact, versatile, city solution, the Ahooga Modular with its maxi basket and rear rack that can be attached to the bike, allows you to transform this e-bike into a Cargo Bike perfect for you and your dog.

Finally, the Yuba Fastrack, among its compatible accessories, also has a bag created especially for transporting small and medium-sized dogs. It can be fitted in the rear carrier and your four-legged friend will be safe and comfortable throughout the journey!

Dog transport bike - Yuba Supercargo
Yuba Supercargo


Indipendentemente dalle dimensioni o dalle esigenze del tuo cane, c’è una soluzione perfetta per il trasporto del tuo cane! Con le giuste attrezzature e un po’ di pianificazione, puoi goderti avventure in bicicletta indimenticabili insieme al tuo fedele compagno peloso!


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