Electric Transport Bikes: A Sustainable Revolution for Urban Mobility

Modern cities are often characterised by traffic congestion and air pollution. In this context, electric transport bikes emerge as a revolutionary solution to improve urban mobility in a sustainable way and can benefit everyone according to their needs.

Let's find out together how these bicycles are transforming the way we go about our daily commute:

Ideal for the Family: Safe and Fun Mobility for All

Electric transport bikes are tools for creating special moments with your family. The experience of spending time outdoors, with the safety of a vehicle designed for family transport, helps to make every trip a unique occasion. You can transport your children of any age, safely and comfortably, allowing you to spend quality time with them, with less stress and more communication, promoting an active and sustainable lifestyle.

Financial Savings: Significant Financial Benefits

Are you aware of how much you spend each year on petrol for your car? And how much you shell out for maintenance, tax stamps, insurance and other expensive expenses involved in driving your car? Think about that and imagine what you could do with that money! Choosing an electric transport bike is not just a mobility decision, but a radical change in the way you manage your budget and resources.

And let's face it, being stuck in traffic is no one's pleasure and you have to pay for it!

Electric transport bikes

For Sustainability: A Choice for the Future of the Planet

The harmful gas emissions and carbon footprint of cars contribute to environmental degradation. Have you ever thought how much you could contribute to environmental sustainability by opting for an electric transport bike? Not only would it improve air quality, but you would also be doing your health a favour!

For Workers: Increasing Delivery Efficiency with the Electric Transport Bike

For those working in the delivery industry or working on the move, the electric transport bike is a revolutionary solution. The ability to move easily through restricted traffic zones (ZTLs), allowing workers to quickly reach destinations otherwise inaccessible by traditional means. In addition, the electric transport bicycle solves the chronic parking problem by eliminating the need to search for free car spaces. Its compact size and ease of parking make it possible to reach even the tightest areas without hassle.

Transport bikes

How to Choose the Right Bike: A Crucial Step for Ideal Mobility

Selecting the right electric transport bike for your needs is a crucial step. Not all bicycles are the same, and the wrong choice could compromise both the safety and convenience of your trip and your health!

Let us see together what is important to keep in mind and what to absolutely avoid when choosing our faithful companion:

Common traps: Electric City Bike with luggage rack

So if I add a child seat to the carrier of my electric city bike, or load my shopping bags on it, does it become an electric transport bike?

Absolutely not! Opting for a conventional electric city bike and adding a child seat, groceries or any weight might seem like a convenient solution. However, this could turn out to be extremely risky. City bikes that are not designed to handle additional loads may compromise the safety and stability of the bike when subjected to such modifications.

It is crucial to avert this risk and choose electric transport bikes designed to carry extra weight, ensuring a safe ride for you.

Electric transport bikes
Yuba Fastrack

Certificate of Approval: A Fundamental Safety Requirement

In addition to choosing the model that suits your needs, it is essential that the supplier of the electric transport bike leaves the customer with a certificate stating that the bike has been tested and approved for the safe transport of weights and passengers. It is also important to ask if spare parts are already in stock or can be obtained in Italy because if you need maintenance, this will be quicker and you will not have to wait months.

Consider Your Needs: Specialised Electric Transport Bikes

For maximum safety and practicality, it is advisable to choose models with a reinforced frame, a powerful braking system and secure attachments for child seats or goods transport. These are key elements in finding your bike. You need to be aware of how many kilos you intend to transport and the kilometres you want to cover.

Legally speaking, an electric bike must be equipped with a motor not exceeding 250 watts. However, the real driving force of a cargo bike lies in the newton metres (Nm) of torque, which measure the power of pedal assistance. For a vehicle designed to transport loads, it is crucial to consider an adequate torque value of at least 60 Nm.

Electric Transport Bikes: The Future of Urban Mobility

In conclusion, electric transport bikes are not just means of transport. They represent a revolutionary way of conceiving urban mobility, combining ecology, family and practicality in one vehicle. Looking to the future, investing in an electric transport bike will not only contribute to preserving the environment, but will also improve the quality of daily life, creating stronger connections with your family, saving valuable time and money, and making travel an integral part of a high quality of life.


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