How to choose the best electric city bike

The growing popularity of electric city bikes has made it crucial to choose the best option based on individual needs. In this article, we will explore the process of selecting an electric city bike, analysing various aspects to help you make an informed, informed and forward-looking decision.

What is the Best Type of Bike for the City?

The choice of type of electric city bike depends on personal preferences and lifestyle. Variants such as folding bikes, cruisers and hybrids offer different features, and it is crucial to understand your needs before purchasing.

What to consider when choosing an electric city bike

Selecting an electric city bike requires careful evaluation of several factors:

  • Battery Autonomy: Crucial for daily travel
    Make sure that the electric city bike you choose has sufficient autonomy to cover your daily needs, considering the average length of your routes.
  • Stability, design and comfort: Essential Union
    Ergonomic design and a comfortable riding position are crucial for the well-being of your posture. Choose a bike that balances style, comfort and stability.
  • Maintenance and Durability: Long-Term Investment

Ease of maintenance and durability of the bike are key aspects. Buying an electric city bike is an investment, and high-quality components can ensure longevity. Never dwell on the cheapest price when making such a decision. Always consider value for money, to avoid shelving your faithful companion after a few years of use! You will only be throwing away time and money!

electric city bikes - iO INBICY CITY

The 5 Best Electric City Bikes

Based on this information, I will list the five best Electric City Bikes on the market that meet all these requirements:

The electric bike revolution, iO InBicy City:

The transformer of electric bikes! It can become anything you want, with the patented Flash Switch® system, it makes it easy to customise the bike in seconds, without tools, to suit different everyday needs. It can be a city bike but it can also become a cargo bike if you want to carry loads, or in the future have a family!

The iO InBicy City, is the bike with the frame that gives the greatest stability of movement, but that's not all! The iO InBicy is the undisputed winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2023, and is on display in the museum in Essen, Germany. Is that enough for you to realise that you would look great with this model? I'd take it now if I were you!

electric city bikes - Ahooga Power 36V
Ahooga Power 36V

For comfort and convenience, Ahooga Power 36V:

The Ahooga Power 36V is a folding city bike that defies conventional standards. Winner of the Red Dot Design award, it boasts a triangular frame without hinges and Ahooga's patented 'Double Triangle Twin Tube' that ensure the frame folds without flexing, eliminating the risk of breakage common in folding bikes.

With its two folding levels that allow you to carry it as a trolley or as a lightweight briefcase, it is ideal for those who have little space to keep their bike at home. On top of that, you can take it with you in your car, camper van, train, café, lift, office... Wherever you go, your Ahooga Power 36V will accompany you!

electric city bikes - Ego Movement Jane
Ego Movement Jane

The Heart-Stealing Electric Adventuress, Ego Movement Jane:

Do you like to cycle a lot of kilometres? Do you want a powerful pedal assist that gives you a charge? I'd say you're ready to fall in love with the beautiful Ego Movement Jane with a range of up to 90 km and a 250w bafang motor with 95 nm of torque, it can cover both city and country roads!

You will have a good charge every day and look forward to sitting on this jewel! Also, for those who like wheels with a large diameter, it is equipped with 27.5 inch tyres, are you in love?

electric city bikes - Ahooga Modular
Ahooga Modular

A modular City Cargo light: three e-bikes in one:

The Ahooga Modular, winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design award, is the ideal choice for urban use. Thanks to its versatility, you can customise it to suit your needs. Your height will not be a problem thanks to the choice of a high or low-barrel frame version for maximum comfort. With its ability to easily insert or remove the rear and inner rack, it is perfect for any occasion. Need to go shopping? Add the front rack and basket.

Need to take your child for a walk? Fit the rear carrier and seat. Need to go to the office? Use the side bags in the rear carrier to carry your computer or your documents. The Ahooga Modular not only adapts to your every need, it also takes up little space. With its removable pedals and Twistlock system to rotate the handlebars, it is the perfect bike for a comfortable and customised riding experience.

electric city bikes - Ahooga Urban
Ahooga Urban

Ahooga Urban: more than electric, hybrid!

The Ahooga Urban is the perfect bike for cyclists who like to ride carefree. Designed without gear changes, it allows you to roam freely through the city streets. With its intuitive and minimalist design, you will immediately feel at ease as you explore the urban environment.

But its features don't stop there. Thanks to the space-saving Twistlock system, you can rotate the handlebar by 90 degrees, reducing the 60%'s parking space. This means you can store it practically anywhere: in the hallway of your flat, in the office or in the garage, with no space problems.


Choosing the best electric city bike is a bit like looking for your soul mate! It requires attention, but if you know what you want, you will avoid teasing by asking the right questions. With this information, it will be easy to find your ideal mate! The sea is full of bikes, but you have to consider carefully what you are looking for, and you will find the perfect bike for you and you will never part with it again!


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