Technology and innovation in ultra-light folding bikes: what materials and design make them so light

Ultralight folding bikes are rapidly gaining popularity among those looking for a comfortable and practical way to get around the city.

These incredible creations combine cutting-edge technology and innovative design to offer an unparalleled driving experience.

But what makes these bikes so light and portable? Let's find out together.

Ultralight folding bikes: a compact solution for everyone

Ultralight folding bikes are not only a convenient means of transport, they are also an incredible space saver! If you don't have a garage to keep your bike in, you can keep it at home wherever you want. It will not cause you any inconvenience and, thanks to its beautiful design, it will also be a beautiful addition to your home!

If, on the other hand, you are an inveterate traveller and need to carry your bike in a car, train or camper van, the ultra-light folding bikes will only take up a third of the space in your boot, while in a train or camper van, you won't even notice they are there!

The secret: aluminium frame

The secret behind the low weight of these ultralight folding bikes lies in their aluminium frame. This lightweight yet strong material allows an overall weight of up to 17 kg, making the ultralight folding bikes extremely practical to transport wherever you go. Whether you have to tackle crowded city streets or travel long distances, these ultralight folding bikes will offer you an unrivalled mobility solution.

folding bikes - Ahooga Power 36V
Ahooga Power 36V

Ahooga Active 24 and Ahooga Power 36V: the ultimate in innovation

Among the ultralight folding bikes on the market, two models stand out for their outstanding design and performance: the Ahooga Active 24 (with a total weight of 16 kg) and the Ahooga Power 36V (with a total weight of 17.4 kg).

Both bikes were winners of the Red Dot Design Award, a prestigious accolade that testifies to the innovation and excellence of their design.

What sets these models apart is their triangular frame without hinges, which guarantees a longer lifespan than traditional folding bikes. This unique design eliminates the risk of hinge wear, ensuring that your bike remains reliable and durable over the years. So goodbye to constant maintenance on your bike!

In addition, both models offer two folding levels: in just 2 seconds you can fold the bike in half and transport it on wheels like a trolley, while in 10 seconds you can fold it completely to take it anywhere without any problem. This versatility and practicality makes them the ideal choice for those who want an agile and convenient transport solution for urban life.

Besides, just think how impressive you would look in the office or at the bar with friends, with your beautiful folding bike, I think they would immediately ask you where they could find it!

folding bikes - Ahooga Power 36V
Ahooga Power 36V


ultralight folding bikes represent the future of urban mobility. With their lightweight aluminium frame, innovative design and unbeatable practicality, these bikes offer an environmentally friendly, convenient and fun way to get around the city. So even if you have no place to keep your bike, you now have no more excuses! Ultra-light electric bikes are waiting for you!


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