The ranking of the 8 best cargo e-bikes for 2023

We reveal the top 9 best cargo e-bikes to buy in 2023, bicycles designed to transport children, people and goods.

Cargo e-bikes, popular especially in northern Europe but gradually conquering Italian cities as well, are transport bicycles specially designed to carry up to three children, one or two persons and to transport bulky goods.

They are used by anyone who wants to use a bicycle not only as a fun or sporting activity but above all as a daily means of transportfor every activity and need: rider o workers the delivery and logistics sector, mums e dad accompanying children to school and to the various afternoon activities, and professionals who use it every day for their business and commitments.

Thanks to the loading platform or a caisson integrated in the front or rear of the bicycles, cargo e-bikes are versatile means of transport e multifunctional and save money in urban and extra-urban travel by leaving the car or moped in the garage.

The cargo e-bike categories: Long Tail, Long John and Tricycles

There are three main categories of cargo e-bikeswhich vary depending on how the cargo bed is designed and where it is positioned:

  • Long Tailamong the most common and widely used, such as the cargo e-bike Yuba or our revolutionary model iO InBicyThey have the load straddling the rear wheel and are called 'long-tailed'. They are manoeuvrable even at high speeds (25 km/h), especially if the rear wheel is smaller than the front, and retain the riding characteristics of normal bicycles. They are also suitable for sporting activities, cycle touring, off-road adventures and long journeys.
  • Long JohnThe perfect example is the Yuba Super Cargo, this category of cargo e-bike has the cargo bed or box located between the handlebars and the front wheel. This is the ideal location for the loading platform, at the bottom and in the middle between the wheels: the radius of curvature of the bicycle is smaller and the response of the front wheel movement is slower and more precise.
  • TricyclesThis category has the largest load capacity and a smaller turning radius than the Long John cargo e-bikes, as well as less manoeuvrability in traffic at speeds above 15 hm/h.

Why buy a cargo e-bike?

In the vast panorama of sustainable urban mobilitythe use of the bicycle such as main means of private transport ranks among the most environmentally friendly.

L'purchase of a cargo e-bike brings many benefits to the private individual who chooses it but also to the community, not only in terms of protecting the environment (avoiding the release of large amounts of Co2 into the atmosphere each year) but also because it reduces city traffic and saves time on the road.

The benefits of buying a cargo e-bike are:

  • Saving money and timePurchasing a cargo e-bike requires less investment than buying a traditional petrol or diesel powered vehicle, and most of the maintenance of a bicycle can be done independently, as well as repairs and modifications.
    You save money on fuel, but not only that, you save money on parking, fines, taxes and insurance, and above all, you save time.
  • Accessible to all and good for healthcargo e-bikes break down all social barriers! Everyone can use them, expectant mothers, the elderly or those who are overweight. Using them often allows you to stay in a good state of health because they stimulate physical activity; in the case of climbs or more strenuous stretches, you can use pedal assistance, which is present in electric models.
  • No more traffic and parkingImagine being able to pick up something you forgot at the office, drive your children to their afternoon activity and do the week's shopping in less than an hour. The time savings due to the manoeuvrability of a cargo e-bike in traffic means you avoid long queues, endless waiting in the street and empty laps in the hope of finding a parking space. So much less stress!

Now let's look together at the ranking of the best cargo e-bikes to buy for 2023.

iO InBicy, the cargo e-bike revolution

Cargo e-bike iO InBicy, the cargo bike revolution
iO InBicy, the cargo bike revolution

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iO InBicy is the Made in Italy family cargo bike that transforms in seconds and makes your life easier: the revolution in functionality of this cargo e-bike consists of a patented system called Flash Switch which allows accessories to be changed without tools, hooking and unhooking them with a click, adapting to the cyclist's needs and changing their configuration very easily.

It is the ultimate switchable cargo e-bike! It allows you to carry up to three children and their backpacks, transport up to an additional 120 kg of cargo and bulky items, go to the office or gym with your bags and duffels, and go for a training session. All in a single morning.

The technical characteristics of the iO InBicy cargo e-bike are:

  • engine 250 to 350 watt Bafang power plant that develops 60 Nm of torque and reaches 25 km/h;
  • battery Samsung Li-Ion 36 Volts with 540 Wh capacity and 100 hours autonomy, also equipped with super fast charging (70% charge in two hours);
  • change Shimano's 7-speed allows quick switching between Eco, Sport and Turbo modes.
  • wheels 24-inch and 2.30-inch wide Kenda tyres, ideal for any terrain;
  • brakes Tecktro mechanical discs, both front and rear;
  • chassis lowered is made of high quality, corrosion-resistant aluminium, withstands weather and heavy loads, its service life is estimated at 20 years;
  • easel reinforced, supporting up to 80 kg.
  • weight 24 kg and maximum load 200 kg.

Yuba Fastrack, the compact urban cargo e-bike

Cargo e-bike - Yuba Fastrack Lifestyle
Yuba Fastrack

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The newcomer to Yuba, the famous Californian cargo e-bike manufacturer.
It is both a cargo e-bike with a large load capacity and a city bike, thanks to its small size and the ability to glide through traffic with great ease.

Its main special feature is its folding rear carrier in four positions, the Dual Rack Systemwhich easily adapts to different transport needs: it opens and closes, transforming Fastrack from a compact e-bike to a longtail cargo e-bike on the fly.

Another peculiarity of the Yuba Fastrack is the presence of small wheels at the rear of the rack, which allow the urban cargo e-bike to be lifted upright and transported and parked anywhere: it occupies the size of an Ikea Billy bookcase, just 1 square metre.

The technical characteristics of Yuba Fastrack are:

  • engine Shimano's integrated Steps E7000 model with central transmission with 250 watts of power and 70 Nm of torque, easily reaches 25 km/h;
  • battery Shimano lithium-ion 36 Volts with a capacity of 500 Wh, range of 60-120 km;
  • change Shimano 10-speed;
  • wheels 20-inch and 2.4-inch Schwalbe tyres make Fastrack more fun and easier to ride than a normal cargo or e-bike;
  • brakes Magura hydraulic discs front and rear;
  • chassis aluminium 6061, used in aeronautics, very strong;
  • weight 34 kg and maximum load 200 kg.

Yuba Kombi E5 Shimano, the two-wheeled electric station wagon

Cargo e-bike Yuba Kombi E5 Orange 2 Kids
Yuba Kombi E5

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One of the cargo bike most popular due to its sleek, compact design and ease of driving. With the Shimano E5000 motor increases not only speed but also driving fun: it allows you to easily overtake any cyclist, even when fully loaded. Despite its compact dimensions, the Yuba Kombi has the space to transport up to three children with backpacks or luggage and bags for a weekend trip or holiday.

The Yuba Kombi is the most economical entry into the world of cargo e-bikes, but without compromising on quality and performance, the prerogative of every Yuba cargo bike model. It is a real two-wheeled station wagon and you can customise it as you wish. It is ideal for families with two or more children who, at an early age, can comfortably travel on the seat cushions, when they grow up they can be carried on the seat cushions, obviously with their backpacks and while carrying their weekly shopping too.

It doesn't end there! It is not only ideal for those who want to transport their children, but for anyone who wants to move around freely, giving up their car, taking everything they need, friends, purchases, work tools and more with them.

The technical characteristics of the Yuba Kombi Shimano E5 are:

  • engine electric Shimano Steps E5000, 250 watts of power and a good 80 Nm of torque, reaches 25 km/h very easily;
  • battery Shimano external 418 Wh and 36 Volts, it can have a range of 50/80 km and recharges in three hours;
  • change Shimano Altus 9-speed;
  • wheels 24-inch and 2.4-inch Schwalbe tyres;
  • brakes Tecktro 180 mm hydraulic discs with Shimano Alvio hydraulic calliper;
  • chassis steel, chrome molybdenum;
  • weight 29 kg and load capacity 200 kg;

Yuma Mundo EP8 Shimano, the cargo minivan that grows with your family

Cargo e-bike Yuba Mundo EP8 Shimano, the cargo minivan that grows with your family
Yuba Mundo EP8 Shimano

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Yuba Mundo is among the more spacious cargo e-bikes from the Californian parent company, although it is not much longer than a conventional bicycle, it offers plenty of space: you can take up to three children on a mountain hike, including rucksacks, or go to the pub with two friends after the workday.

It takes its name from where this bike can take you - the world! It is relatively longer than a traditional longtail, an additional 21 cm in the rack, and gives you the same functionality as a family minivan. The powerful Shimano EP8 motor allows you to arrive at any destination stress-free, whatever the terrain, and the easily removable battery can be recharged after removal or directly from the frame.

The technical specifications of the Yuba Mundo EP8 are:

  • engine Shimano mid-drive Steps E8000, which develops 250 watts of power and 70 Nm of torque, easily reaches 25 km/h;
  • battery Shimano 36 Volts and 504 Wh, the range varies from 60 km to 120 km, depending on use;
  • change Shimano 11-36T 10-speed;
  • wheels 26-inch and 2.15-inch Schwalbe Big Pen tyres, for riding on all terrain, rough trails and roads;
  • brakes Magura MT32 hydraulic discs, allow you to stop in a fraction of a second, regardless of the amount of load you are carrying;
  • chassis and the fork are forged from chrome-molybdenum steel (Cro-Mo) and keep the bike solid but light, the reinforced 1.5-inch head tube adds security to the ride;
  • weight 30.8 kg and an above-average load capacity of 250 kg.

Yuba Spicy Curry, the cargo e-bike suitable for hilly terrain

Cargo e-bike Yuba Spicy Curry, the cargo bike for hilly terrain
Yuba Spicy Curry, the cargo bike suitable for hilly terrain

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The cargo e-bike Spicy Curry offers outstanding riding characteristics even on hilly terrain, perfect for off-road trips and adventures. The 20-inch rear wheel lowers the centre of gravity, which is a great advantage when transporting heavy loads. It is one of the most popular vehicles in the Yuba range in terms of load capacity, stability and manoeuvrability.

Made from high-quality materials and components, the Yuba Spicy Curry is high-performance, gritty and among the safest and most high-tech cargo e-bikes on the market. Powered by the Bosch Cargo Line Mid-Drive motor It develops a torque of 80 Nm and guarantees excellent thrust on every slope, offering new comfort sensations, pedal after pedal.

The technical specifications of Yuba Spicy Curry are:

  • engine Bosch Cargo Line Mid-Drive electric motor with 250 watts and 80 Nm of torque, easily reaches 25 km/h and pushes perfectly even under full load;
  • battery PowerPack 500 with 36 Volts and 400 Wh, develops a range of 60 km to 100 km, depending on usage;
  • change Shimano Altus 10-speed;
  • wheels 26-inch front and 20-inch rear and 2.4-inch-wide Schwalbe Big Pen Plus tyres;
  • brakes Shimano 180 mm hydraulic discs, Shimano Alvio hydraulic calliper;
  • chassis aluminium 6061, used in aeronautics, guarantees strength, robustness and lightness;
  • weight 27 kg and load capacity 200 kg.

Yuba Supercargo, the perfect front-loading cargo e-bike

Cargo e-bike Yuba Supercargo, the perfect front-loading cargo bike
Yuba Supercargo, the perfect front-loading cargo bike

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Yuba Supercargo is the perfect cargo e-bike for everyday life! It has a huge loading platform between the handlebar and the front wheel and the steering is millimetrically precise. Riding a Super Cargo, even with three kids and a week's worth of groceries, will always put a smile on your face! The front load gives you the advantage of always having your children or your cargo in sight, the low centre of gravity ensures a safe riding experience, especially when the weight is unevenly distributed.

The performance of Yuba Super Cargo is excellent in all circumstances, guaranteed by the Bosch Cargo Line motorThe Super Cargo is a high-performance and powerful bike: climbs and inclines are no problem, even when travelling with a full load, reaching a maximum of 200 kg. Like all Yuba cargo e-bikes, Yuba has a wide range of accessories that allow the Super Cargo to be customised to suit every transport need, achieving maximum comfort and functionality, always.

Technical specifications of Yuba Super Cargo:

  • engine Bosch Super Cargo Line, develops 250 watts of power and 80 Nm of maximum torque, ideal for handling the large loads it can support, even uphill;
  • battery PowerPack with 500 Wh and 36 Volts, offering more than 90 km of autonomy;
  • change Shimano, 24-speed Deore model;
  • wheels 20-inch front and rear tyres and 2.3-inch Schwalbe tyres;
  • brakes 180 mm hydraulic discs and Magura hydraulic callipers;
  • chassis made of 6061 aluminium, the same material used for aircraft, robust, strong and light;
  • weight 27 kg and maximum load capacity 200 kg.

Ahooga Modular, the switchable city cargo e-bike

Cargo e-bike Ahooga Modular, the switchable city cargo bike
Ahooga Modular, the switchable city cargo bike

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A jewel on two wheels Made in Belgiumthe home of e-bikes. Ahooga Modular starts with a simple concept of urban commutinga daily commute that requires different transport needs: going to and from work, the gym, school and the supermarket. A commute that is common to all, whether one lives in large cities or in smaller towns.

Ahooga Modular is a solid, lightweight and very robust bicycle from the elegant silhoutte and thin and from the decidedly gritty designWith the addition of the rear and front rack, it becomes a compact and very functional cargo e-bike for transporting up to two children and bulky loads around town.

Technical specifications of Ahooga Modular:

  • engine Aikema 250 watts, develops a torque of 60 Nm that takes you up any slope, even under full load;
  • battery Samsung's 400 Wh and 36 Volts Li-Ion cell model recharges in 3 hours and is removable and has an anti-theft key, offering a range of 70 km with pedal assistance, more when used in hybrid mode;
  • wheels 26-inch and Schwalbe Big Apple tyres with 2.5-inch thickness,
  • change SRAM X4 8-speed with 11T sprocket set at 36A;
  • brakes Shimano hydraulic discs, model BL-M396L with 160 mm disc;
  • chassis made of 6061 T6 aluminium, rigid and light;
  • weight 20 kg, among the lightest in its class, and a maximum load capacity of 150 kg.

Taga Family Bike, the bicycle created to transport children

Cargo e-bike Taga Family Bike, the bicycle designed to transport children
Taga Family Bike, the bicycle created to transport children

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The Taga Family Bike is the world's No. 1 bicycle for transporting children, perfect for families with children from 12 months to 9 years, but also for those who need a safe and stable cargo bike. It has a very robust construction and is capable of carrying 180 kg, including the rider.

The front seats have 3 positions, both facing the road, both facing the driver or one facing the other. Both backrests of the child seats can be closed and can be connected with a lock, which is ideal for using the Taga Family Bike as a cargo bike, leaving items safe in the basket; it is also possible to transport additional goods by placing them on top of the folded seats.

Taga Family Bike technical specifications:

  • engine Bafang 250 watts, develops 60 Nm of torque and reaches 25 km/h;
  • battery Panasonic 36 volts, recharges in 5 hours and has a range of 45 km
  • wheels 20-inch with Kenda tyres;
  • change internal Shimano, model Nexus Inter-3;
  • brakes Promax disc brake on both front wheels, on the rear wheel Shimano Nexus drum brake, there is a parking brake that allows the bike to be locked even on slopes;
  • chassis foldable and made of ultra-strong steel;
  • weight the tricycle weighs 22 kg, the basket 5 kg and the back seat 3 kg.

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