Transporting 3 Children by Bike: Safe and Reliable Solutions

Transporting three children by bicycle is a challenge that can be impossible for many large families. However, with the right information and the choice of a suitable bicycle, it is possible!

If you are wondering how to select the right bicycle for your needs, here are some important points to consider.

Transporting 3 Children by Bicycle: What to Pay Attention to?

Load Capacity and Configuration

First of all, it is essential to assess the total weight of the children you intend to transport. This will help you determine the load capacity required for your bicycle. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions designed specifically for transporting three children on a bicycle.

One of the most common configurations is with two passengers on the rear rack and a third sitting in a front seat positioned in the handlebar area. This arrangement is ideal for younger children, with the front seat generally recommended for children up to one year of age. It is also important to consider the height of the child to ensure a safe and comfortable fit.

In any case, even for those who have to transport three children on a bicycle over one year old, it is possible to find a suitable model; the new quality cargo bikes are getting better every year. There are now also models with a load capacity of up to 300 kg!

Transporting 3 Children on a Bicycle: iO InBicy Power Mivice Bi-axial
iO InBicy Power Mivice Bi-drive

Autonomy and Engine Power

In addition to load capacity, it is essential to evaluate the motor's range, especially if you plan to ride long distances or tackle hilly terrain. Motor power directly affects the efficiency and performance of the bike, so if you have to tackle steep climbs, be sure to opt for reliable motors such as Mivice, Bosch or Bafang, with power ratings ranging from 350 to 500 watts, depending on your needs and the terrain to be covered.

Choice of Supplier and Security

The safety of your children is paramount. Therefore, it is crucial to select a reliable supplier that offers models designed to transport 3 children on a bicycle, certified. Make sure that the bicycle complies with safety regulations and that the supplier provides a certificate of approval.

Avoid the common mistake of using bicycles unsuitable for transporting children. Traditional city bikes may not offer the stability and safety needed for this specific purpose. Investing in a model specifically designed to transport three children on a bicycle is a crucial step to ensure the safety of the whole family.

Transporting 3 Children by Bike : Taga Family Bike
Taga Family Bike

The Best Bicycles for Transporting 3 Children on a Bike

To help you move correctly, it is important to choose quality models that guarantee an investment that can improve your everyday life.

Here are 3 examples of the best Bicycles for Transporting 3 Children on a Bicycle


Transporting 3 Children by Bicycle : Yuba Mundo EP8
Yuba Mundo EP8

Yuba Mundo

Also known as the two-wheel SUV, the Yuba Mundo is a long tail with a 970 mm rack and an exceptional load capacity of 250 kg. This bike is designed to comfortably carry up to three children, if your children are already old enough for a front seat, this is the model for you! The Yuba Mundo is available in an urban version, equipped with a 250w Shimano motor, and another version with a Bafang motor, offering a range of power between 250w and 500w, adaptable to your specific needs.

Transporting 3 Children by Bike: iO InBicy Power
iO InBicy Power

iO InBicy

Whether you have one infant and two older children, or have small children but not enough to be transported on the front seat, the iO InBicy could be the perfect solution! This compact middle-tail bike is capable of carrying up to 225 kg. Equipped with a flash switch system, it can be quickly transformed into a classy e-bike, offering the flexibility needed for any situation.

Whether you have to take the kids to school or go to work, the iO InBicy adapts to your needs. It can have the Bafang motor with different power outputs (250w, 350w or 500w), or for those who live in hilly areas, it can be equipped with the Mivice motor, perfect for tackling steep climbs.

Transporting 3 Children by Bicycle: Yuba Kombi Bafang
Yuba Kombi Bafang

Yuba Kombi

If you have an infant to transport, the Yuba Kombi is the ideal choice. This model is one of the most affordable on the market. With a load capacity of 200 kg, this bike allows you to transport two children on the rear carrier and the third sitting on the front seat. The Yuba Kombi is also available in an urban version with a Shimano motor, or with a Bafang motor offering different power ratings, from 250w to 500w.

Transporting 3 Children by Bicycle: Conclusion

Choosing the right bicycle for transporting 3 children on a bike is possible! This requires a careful assessment of your family's needs and the characteristics of the different options available on the market. With the right information and the right selection, you can enjoy safe and pleasant trips with your little passengers on board.

Don't take the information needed to find the right model for you lightly! Remember that you can always ask for help from an expert, who has studied to help you choose the best model for you!


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