Ahooga Comfort folding the expert answers

It was the turn of Ahooga Comfort Folding this time, and as every week the expert answered your questions, opening up new and unprecedented technical scenarios. With great surprise, we found that the product aroused a lot of curiosity, and with this article we share with you the 10 most frequently asked questions.

The Ahooga Comfort Foldable Space and Space Requirements

The first question is from Simona from Osimo who asks:

Does the bike lock easily?

There are four opening operations. Simple movements that once learnt correctly allow us to open and close the vehicle in about 10 seconds.

The fourth question is posed by Luca from Padua:

How much does it weigh and what are the overall dimensions of the Ahooga Folding?

The electric bike, including all its components, weighs only 13 kg, and the overall dimensions when closed are 80 x 40 centimetres.

The second question comes from Marco from Rome:

 What size are the wheels?

The wheels that mount the Ahooga Foldables are made of aluminium and measure 20 inches.

Ahooga Confort Electric Folding

Details on battery and motor of the Comfort Folding

Marzia from Modena proposes the third question by asking:

How long does the battery last how long does it take to recharge?

With the Ahooga Comfort we can walk about 60 km, while the charging time, when empty, is about three and a half hours.

Enrico from Belluno asks the fifth question:

 How is the battery, integrated or removable?

The bike has a removable battery for easy charging at home or in the office.

The sixth question comes to us from Florence and is posed by Davide:

 How far does the engine go?

The maximum speed that can be reached with an Ahooga Folding electric bike is 25 km/h on a flat track.

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Ahooga Confort Folding Electric.

Ahooga Comfort chassis and accessories 


Samuel from Bologna proposes the seventh question by asking:

 What material is Ahooga Folding made of?

All of Ahooga's folding machines are strictly made of Aluminium 6061.

The eighth question is offered by Paola from Naples:

 Are Ahooga Folding Bikes Cushioned?

It may be hard to believe, but our Ahooga bikes are suspension bikes. The support support is located in the rear joint to ensure riding comfort on all kinds of road surfaces.

Marco from Milan presents us with the penultimate question:

 Are there any accessories or items to carry the PC or work tools safely?

A variety of front and rear accessories can be fitted to the Ahooga folding bikes. Bags with safe and practical attachments for every need. From PC to shopping bag.

Ahooga Confort Folding Electric.

The last question is posed by Sandro from Bari:

 Who can I turn to if I need technical assistance?

For every need, our invitation to you is to contact us personallyto analyse the problem and activate all procedures for its resolution in the shortest possible time. Our customer care is available from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

With the technician's answers on the Ahooga Confort Foldable, we shed light on some suspended and hidden aspects. Also available is the technical review videoa and the driving impressions.

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