Homologated car seat? Don't make the Italians' 90% mistake too.

Scegliamo seggiolino omologato

Seggiolino omologato? Non fare anche tu l’errore. Chi ha i bambini lo sa molto bene. Non c’è niente a cui teniamo di più al mondo più della la vita e la salute di nostri figli. Questo vale anche per la loro sicurezza in questo periodo Covid. Facciamo scelte che riteniamo migliori per loro.

And one of these choices concerns the use of the bicyclea means of environmentally friendly transport, divertente e a quanto pare, specie in questo periodo è anche più sicuro e pratico.Molti scelgono con cura il seggiolino omologato con cui portare i bambini e sanno bene che deve avere delle certificazioni Europee. Infatti ci fanno tantissime domande da genitori premurosi.

There are various child seats on the market, most of which are type-approved and comply with European regulations.

However, at least 90% of Italians do not carry their children safely and are not up to standard! How is this possible!

European regulations require that the seat can be front-facing for small children up to a maximum of 15 kg or rear-facing up to 25 kg.

The type-approved seat must be equipped with a backrest, footrest, and a harness or shoulder straps that secure the child. For small children, armrests are also required. One of the most important things is the fastening of the seat; it must be a secure system that prevents accidental release. Yet there is one thing of no less importance that is often ignored even by bicycle shops

Seggiolino omologato - Yuba Kombi Bafang
Yuba Kombi Bafang

The best child seats on the market really do offer a wide choice. Young children often fall asleep on their bikes and parents know this very well. You often see a mum or dad supporting the baby's little head while they are riding their bike.


Seggiolino omologato - Seggiolino reclinabile Hamax Caress
Recliner seat Hamax Caress

The producer took care of it Hamax which created a reclining seat, thus avoiding worries if the child falls asleep during the journey.

A truly ingenious solution, this seat deserves first place in the ranking of the most comfortable and safe seats.


Seggiolino omologato - Seggiolino Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi
Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi child seat

Another comfortable and safe seat is produced by Thule. Their seats have a beautiful design, made of an ultra-strong yet soft and comfortable plastic. The safety system is its strong point. The fastening is comfortable and child-proof. The fastening system is among the safest.



Seggiolino omologato - Bobike Exclusive Maxi Plus
Bobike Exclusive Maxi Plus child seat

Seggiolini Bobike hanno un ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo, hanno un guscio avvolgente ed ergonomico, il bambino sta molto comodo ed accolto.


Seggiolino omologato - Qibbel Junior 6+
Qibbel Junior 6+ seat

This seat Qibbel we are talking about is anything but a classic car seat. It is designed for older children, the manufacturer even indicates the age as 6+ years. Because it is ingenious. Because it is designed for children up to 35 kg. The seat is compact and quite minimal, it has a seat with a backrest, 2 foot pegs and a seatbelt harness. But it is the only seat solution for children weighing more than 25 kg.

And here we come to our promise to reveal the most important and glaring error. In our promise we explained that rear seats can carry up to 25 kg. This concerns classic bicycles which are not built to carry the heaviest weights, unlike cargo bicycles which can carry the heaviest weights. In fact, the Qibbel seat is designed for a bicycle with a greater load capacity than the classic bicycle.

So to summarise, on classic bicycles fit seats with a capacity of up to 25 kg... Right!

Almost! Because classic bicycles have a rack approved to carry 7 kg sometimes 10 kg. Homologated, beautiful and safe seats designed to carry up to 22-25 kg are installed on a carrier that can only carry 7-10 kg!

To be compliant, but above all safe, you have to install a roof rack approved to carry 25 kg. But looking around you hardly see 1. At least 90% of Italians carry their children on a 7-10 kg roof rack without realising it.

Before purchasing the seat, be sure to install the appropriate carrier.

Spero che questo articolo vi è stato utile e se avete delle domande, richiedete i nostri consigli gratuitamente oppure richiedete la chiamata con l’Esperto.

Drive safely!

You also see bicycles with a built-in carrier.


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