Cargo Bike Spicy Curry

Cargo Bike Spicy Curry

Transporting our children everywhere.
Loading tools or goods to be delivered with maximum comfort is only the beginning.
Everything else is called Spicy Curry: the only cargo bike that combines technology and savings for your family or business.
In less than 2 metres the Cargo Bike Spicy Curry is able to accommodate up to 3 passengers in-line offering maximum safety and manoeuvrability;
you will be able to accommodate in the back up to a maximum of 150 kgand everything you need for a day's work or simple shopping bags.


Thanks to the stability of the ultra-light aluminium frame, and the innovative Cargo Line, the revolutionary high-performance electric motor of Bosch (torque of 75 Nm, maximum speed of 25 km/h and motor assistance up to 400% ) at a low pedalling frequency, you will have a unique, completely green vehicle that will effortlessly reach surprising speeds and distances.

yuba-spicy-curry-and-cargo-bike-aluminium frame

With Bosch technology, we can say goodbye to the overheating that is typical of the propulsion mechanism of low-cost electric bikes, and make way for the long range (total charge of 1,250 Wh ) both at full and low load.
Uphill as well as on the flat, it will be possible to maintain efficiency and controllable performance via the on-board computer.

A great engine is always supported by a respectable transmission and a quality braking system. The first allows the driver to make pedalling smoother and more comfortable, reducing the risk of breaking the vehicle and limiting the accumulation of debris. The second makes it possible to stop the vehicle very promptly whatever type of response it is subjected to.
Spicy Curry - ebike powered by Bosch

Cargo Bike Spicy Curry

La Spicy Curry offers the driver 10 pedalling speedsmanaged by the very robust Shimano Deore RD-M 610, coupled with the 170 crankset from the same manufacturer.
A definitely winning fusion of elements that makes the transition from one sprocket to another more natural and safe.

yuba-spicy-curry-10-speed pedalling - Shimano

On the one hand we find extremely efficient mechanics, on the other an incredibly high-performance front and rear hydraulic disc brake system.
The high reactivity of the latter allows an immediate or gradual response to the request to stop; a combination for the safety of passengers or the transported load.

Much attention has been paid to road holding. Robust rims and high-performance tyres such as the Schwalbe's Big Apple Plus, made with a puncture-proof protective core.
Its compound is capable of adapting to a variety of surfaces and its strength can withstand weight and friction very well.

yuba-spicy-curry-and-cargo-bike - Schwalbe's Big Apple Plus,

There are numerous complementary accessories for this fantastic means of transport.
For every need, the company offers the right add-on that will make the vehicle integral. From child seats to side bags for work transport.

Those who choose the cargo bike Spicy Curry, chooses the future, savings and health.

An electric bicycle is a reliable friend.


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