Classic bike or cargo bike? Here's what you have to choose!

It is 2022, we are in the age of Web 2.0. Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket that they use on a daily basis, even the over-40s who are used to ancient times and different customs. It is simply the adapting andadapting to change of the times. It is deciding to embrace the future, and this is a broad discourse that touches on many areas. Even that of bicycles.

If today, you are still wondering whether it is better to use a classic bike (also electric) or a cargo bike, well, know that your doubt is comparable to the following: better Nokia or iPhone 13? Better to buy a horse to go to work or a car?

Examples as extreme as they are significant and indicative. This is indeed the case. The present and the future is multifunctional bikes. Bikes that look like mythological creatures, that are chameleon-like according to the needs of the person. The emblematic example is our latest creation, the iO INBICY!

Be multifunctional, for you and the environment!

Can a classic electric bike replace your car? The answer is definitely no. A cargo bike, on the other hand, is studied and designed ad hoc for the transport of goods and persons. A vehicle that, thanks to its multifunctionality, allows you to do without cars or mopeds.

All you need to know is that, according to those in charge of the European project City Changer Cargo Bike(CCCB) replacing a conventional car with a cargo car avoids the emission of 5 tonnes of CO2 each yearas well as zero release of pollutants harmful to health.

No means of transport is greener and healthier than the cargo bike! Do you realise how much pollution would be avoided by increasing its use?

If the goal of the European Union, and thus also of Italy, is to reduce emissions, bike-friendly transport is one of the items on which more work needs to be done. Cargo biking, from this point of view, is the cornerstone of the category and has now dispelled the false myth that biking is a brake on business. They are, in fact, increasingly multinationalswhich use similar bikes for deliveriesleaving the classic vans in storage.

The cargo bike as a second car: convenience and stress relief

Connecting to what was written earlier, the cargo bike offers in itself the beauty of the bicycle and the car. A perfect mix that combines sustainability, psychophysical well-being (just think: you no longer have to exhaust yourself searching for a parking space) and usefulness in performing various actions.

It goes without saying that the cost of a cargo bike is higher than that of a conventional bicycle, but the expense is amortised in a short time as well as being a real investment for the whole family.

As we said, among the pros is first and foremost urban mobility. They generate less trafficoccupy less land, guarantee the cost-saving parking as well as favouring quick shifts taking advantage of shorter routes with the possibility of 'cutting through' to LTZs, cycle/pedestrian areas or streets within parks. These are all areas forbidden to motor vehicle traffic.

Cargo bikes in Italy

Although the cargo bike market is fruitful especially in northern European countries, in Italy the trend is changing more and more, with a steadily growing demand.

In the beginning, and we speak from first-hand experience of the brand Donno Bikesmultifunctional bicycles used to be considered just a hobby. Over time, however, the perception has changed and today people see them as a sustainable alternative means of transport and increasingly prefer them to cars and even motorbikes.

From niche product to mass product. This was the goal and the path taken is the right one, also by some mayors and municipalities who favour initiatives to encourage the use of cargo-bikes.

iO INBICY: the iPhone 13 of cargo bikes

Returning to the opening speech, to prefer a traditional bike to a multifunctional bike is to take not 1, not 2, but 1000 steps backwards. Just as if, nowadays, your mobile phone were a Nokia and not a smartphone.

Well, the smartphone par excellence of multifunctional bicycles, comparable to an iPhone 13, is our iO INBICY! This, it is the first multifunctional cargo bike designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in Italy. Available in muscular and electric versions, high-end and state-of-the-art thanks to the invention of the Flash Switch® system, which allows each accessory to be attached and detached without tools in a matter of seconds.

The practical representation of our iO INBICY!

With the iO INBICY, you can change your life with a click, literally and not metaphorically. With this bike, you are the master of your time and can easily transform it to suit your needs.

You can only find this revolutionary bike with us. Take advantage of our exclusive offer and click below to request a totally free consultation with one of our experts. You can ask all your questions and doubts. We are waiting for you!

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