Delivery bikes: cargo bikes faster than vans!

If we told you that the cargo bike in town they deliver faster than vans about 60%, can you believe it? It may sound strange, but we are not saying it, but much more knowledgeable people, namely researchers and scholars from the University of Westminster through the study "The Promise of Low-Carbon Freight. Benefits of cargo bikes in London".

Le bicycle deliveriestherefore represent a tremendous opportunity for companies, small and large, especially in terms of speed: the best delivery bikescargo bikes capable of delivering 10 parcels per hour compared to 6 for vans.

In addition to the convenience in terms of speed and higher quantitative transport productivity, relying on cycling means reduce the carbon footprint of the 90% compared to diesel vans and by a third compared to electric vans, so air pollution also thanks.

Delivery bikes: rely on the revolutionary iO INBICY

Donno Bikes is the market leader for functional and cargo bicycles in Italy and the birth of the new iO INBICYa model 100% made in Italy and totally manufactured by Donno Bikes, revolutionised the world of cargo bikes.

A bike that adapts perfectly to people's needs: you can use it to go to the sepsa, take your children to school, play sports, go to work and transport goods to 150 kg at a speed of 25 km/h.

If you are the head of a company and need freight transport services, well, leave the van in the garage and rely on the iO INBICY. Our bike is definitely among those faster and more capable than vans at delivering goods. You want to put the stress and road blockages due to the traffic with the practicality of cargo bikeswho manage to avoid traffic jams by being able to take real shortcuts through areas closed to motorised traffic, arriving directly at the doorstep of customers?

Cycling in Italy

While in London, Amazon has decided to rely on e-cargo bikes, launching a new micro-mobility hub in the UK to make more sustainable deliveries, in Italy and other countries in the West, the process of cycling is proceeding slowly.

In Italy, the city that has shown most openness to this perspective is Rome. The open dialogue between Rome Mobility Services, a mobility service management company, and logistics stakeholders, led to an approach of promoting bicycle delivery activities.

Two projects bear witness to this: HandShakewhich aims to develop cycling, including 'cargo' cycling, and the 'Mini-hub' project, which aims to improve the distribution of goods in urban areas by using tourist bus car parks as a hub.

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