Discovering cargo bikes.

Discovering cargo bikes. In recent years, our cities have been investing more and more in safe cycling infrastructure. As a result, people are starting to see the bicycle as an advantageous solution.

Each bike model represents a person's lifestyle. And today, we would like to talk about those who for work or personal needs (transporting children, carrying shopping, etc.) need a cargo bike.

Yuba bike

Discovering the false myths of cargo bikes.

Most people believe that a bike cannot carry much weight because of three false myths.

The first of the false myths is that the bicycle has a purely recreational use. Capable only of enabling us to spend leisure time in the open air.

There is nothing more erroneous than to consider a bike to be just for fun, as it is one of the most frequently used means of everyday mobility.

The second of the false myths is that carrying a heavy weight on a two-wheeler cannot guarantee stability.

This is also a big mistake. Cargo bikes are structured from the frame to the complementary elements to ensure precisely this stability while pedalling.

Third and last among the false myths is weight. That is, the fear that a load that is too heavy is too tiring to carry.

There is nothing more erroneous than to consider an electric cargo bike incapable of supporting our pedalling and load. These bikes are equipped with motors capable of lightening the pedalling even under full load.False myths about bicycles

Discovering the best cargo bikes.

Unique representative par excellence of cargo vehicles is the American company YUBA which offers a wide range of models for every loading requirement.

You can configure the most suitable model for you according to your needs. When configuring your bike there is also the possibility of choosing electric models to make pedalling easier.

Yuba solutions. The best cargo bikes

If you are thinking of a bike that is safe and capable of carrying all your daily burdens and that best represents your transport needs, I invite you to complete this brief TEST that will offer you the real solution for your urban mobility.

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