Electric bicycle and pedal-assisted bicycle: is it the same thing?

Are electric and pedal-assisted bicycles the same thing?

We often receive questions about the electric bicycles and pedal-assisted bicycles.

I would like to shed some light on the subject.

Indeed, sometimes the use of these terms creates some confusion. ))

We kept giving individual answers until we received an e-mail from one of our customers.

He just received our bike together with the manual where it was written that the bike is pedal-assisted.

The customer put the bike on charge and even before trying it out wrote us an e-mail expressing his concerns:

When I spoke to you, you assured me that the bicycle is electric, whereas now I read that it is pedal-assisted.

And it was at that moment that we realised we had to explain to our customers and all those who follow us some concepts that are not clear to many of our customers

In fact, there is often this gap of misunderstanding between the experts and the people who use the products or services.

Electric bicycle and pedal-assisted bicycle

Let's clarify: what is the difference between electric or pedal-assisted?

Usually when they say electric bicycles or pedelecs they mean the same thing and use these terms as synonyms.

However, there would be some difference, the concept of an electric bicycle is broader than the concept of a pedal-assisted bicycle.

That is, all pedelecs are electric bicycles, but not all electric bicycles are pedelecs.

European law and the Italian Highway Code refer to the pedal-assisted bicycle as the only one permitted for unrestricted use and place limits on it.

It must be mainly pedal-powered with the help of a motor with the maximum power of 250 W  and the battery with the voltage at maximum 36 V and maximum speed 25 km timetables.

The term electric bicycle could also include other electric bicycles that exceed these limits.

And so by law they become a kind of moped with the obligation to have a number plate, vignette, registration with the motor vehicle office and a ban on being used on cycle paths.

And I don't think that is what most people would want.

Because the beauty of the bicycle lies precisely in the fact that it is freed from the constraints of most motor vehicles.

Electric bicycle and pedal-assisted bicycle

I hope I have brought some clarity to the subject and removed this doubt: electric bicycles and the pedal-assisted bicycles is it the same thing or are they two completely different concepts.

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Whereas if you do not have them, take a look at our electric bicycles, oups! pedal-assisted bicycles! )))

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