iO INBICY by Donno Bikes: the best bicycle on the market

Change your life with a click: no, this is not the famous film, but the best bicycle on the marketthe new iO INBICY.

Try closing your eyes and imagine, for a second, how nice it would be to have one bike for all your needs. A bike that can be modulated according to what you have to do. A sporty but at the same time family bike; an office bike but at the same time usable for going shopping.

Well, we are pleased to inform you that this fantasy is not really such because we, at Donno Bikes, have launched the best bicycle on the market, a bike that will revolutionise this world for the next five years. This is the iO INBICY.

We, too, have families, we, too, work, and we, too, multitask during the course of a day. That's why we easily stepped into your shoes, thinking of a vehicle that could provide multi-functionality at the click of a button.

iO INBICY: transforms in just 10 seconds

The iO INBICY is the first bike with functional modules, interchangeable at will and according to your needs. When we write you can 'transform' it in 10 seconds is not to attract your attention but is the pure truth. With this bike you will be master of your time and you can easily change it to suit your needs.

We show you this video to prove it:

But let's see, now, why it is the best bike on the market and why it is a real revolution in the bike world.

The best bicycle for combining well-being and comfort

From spending your free time with the family to enjoying your health, all while respecting the environment. IO is a bicycle designed for those who love freedom and comfort.

  • Parents and parents-to-be who want to spend time with their family.
  • Lovers of naturetravellers and explorers of new paths.
  • Those who have decided to free themselves from the 'slavery' of traffic jams and the parking.
  • Those who want to devote themselves to their health without wasting additional time during the day. Cycling, in fact, promotes the well-being of the entire immune system and improves blood circulation.
  • In addition to preventing cardiovascular disease and burning fat, going on the iO INBICY means standing up to defenders of nature and health of the planet in which we live. Try to think if most people in the place where you live used bicycles: how much reduction in exhaust emissions would there be? How much would the air you breathe every day improve?

There are, after all, many ways to embrace one healthier, greener lifestyle. One of many is to use environmentally friendly means of transport for travelling around the city. Leaving car keys at home is the best gift for your health and that of the planet.

The best bike for getting children to school and to work

iO INBICY is the multifunctional bicycle par excellence. Even before you are a worker, you are a parent (the hardest and most beautiful 'job' in the world) and linking to what was said earlier, you can safely leave your car keys at home and do everything with IO.

It equips the bicycle in family' mode and safely accompany your child (up to three children can be transported) thanks to the multifunctional approved roof rack. After your parental duties are done, it's time to think about work, and all you have to do is dismantle the carrier and you'll be on your way. business' mode and go to your place of work as if you were riding a completely new bike.

Your boss, your customers, your colleagues, will in no way suspect that, a few minutes earlier, your son was also on that bike. The beauty of being smart!

The best bicycle for driver and passenger safety

You won't be able to fall out of IO even if you try. And no kidding. Do you want to know why we are so sure?

Thanks to the elongated geometry of the frame, the bike is extremely stable even with the maximum load in the rear. Even if you put two strong men on the rack (we tried it), it won't come loose, you can carry loads up to 150 kg at a speed of 25 km/h.

You will agree that the safety of your little one is unquestionable and safeguarded by the incredible efficiency of the IO. On the other hand, to ride a bike you have to respect rules and, our IO, observes them minutely.

iO INBCIY: the best bicycle on the market

The best bicycle in economic terms

Choosing iO INBICY means save up to 4000€ per year. An impressive number that may invite disbelief but, if you try to reason for a moment, you will see that the numbers add up.

Try to think about the daily expenses of your car and add them up for the whole year. From insurance, petrol, maintenance, parking, etc., sometimes we don't realise we are wasting all this money. But, unfortunately, that is how it is.

IO is the best alternative to private transport for travel up to 25 km awayfor school, work, shopping or a simple walk.

Having, thus, the possibility to change modules at will, IO is easily transformed to meet all your needs and those of your family.

IO is also electric!

Choose Electric IO and you will ride a real Tesla of bicycles. Getting around will no longer be tiring, even for long distances. Steep climbs become comfortablespeed is up to 25 km/h thanks to the 250 W motor and, most importantly, the durability is up to 100 hours of autonomy!

inbicy_io Electric

Changing speed is also a simple click. You can select the mode you prefer according to what you are doing:

  • Echo' modeThe engine helps you just enough not to take away the pleasure of driving.
  • Sport' mode: The motor allows you to exercise regularly but without going too hard.
  • Turbo mode: The motor generates a powerful thrust with which you can easily climb any hill, even with a full load

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