In the times of the coronavirus, here is the foldable medical aid you can always carry with you!

In the times of the coronavirus, here is the foldable medical aid you can always carry with you! It is called Ahooga and it is a personal folding bicycle that becomes a part of you.

Compact, lightweight and very efficient!

Perfect for discreet travel within a radius of approx. 10 kmwith this bike you can go out for a breath of fresh air in the park or green area.

In this quarantine period we all have to be very aware and careful. Use it every day for proper exercise and some fresh air. Avoid crowded places and keep your distance from other people.


The air in our homes and offices is much more polluted than the streets, and our bodies need fresh air and a healthy lifestyle to keep our immune defences up to protect us from viruses and other threats.

What makes it indispensable to you?

First of all, its practicality, that is what makes the difference. You can buy a folding bike that is cheap, but are you sure you will use it every day? Is it better to spend about 600€ for 2-3 rides and a dust collector in the garage, if you have one, or 1,300€ and use it happily every day?

With its unique characteristics, l'Ahooga foldable will become your shadow, - you won't be able to do without it, it will become your foldable medical aid for a healthy lifestyle, as you have always wanted.

Super-light folding electric bicycle Ahooga bike

A bike ride is good for the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. Fresh air is indispensable for our lungs and blood, and with the folding Ahooga, life shines in all colours.

Entrust your travels to Ahooga. Take advantage of parking your car at a distance or leave it at home. You will be surprised how you will feel when these outings become your new and beautiful daily routine.

Often we cannot change circumstances and we cannot change the reality around us, but we are always responsible for our lives.

Living everyday life to the top, changing it for the better is within our power and that is what makes the difference!

Because we are worth the best and we deserve it! See it in action


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