Is riding an electric bike in the rain a good idea? Find out how to avoid damage!

Nelle giornate piovose è sicuro guidare la tua ebike oppure rischi di danneggiare le parti elettroniche e la bici?

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Doing without one's own ebike when the weather is not favourable, it is not a pleasant choice to make. Whether for exercise or for the sheer pleasure of getting around on their faithful two-wheeler, there are those who would never want to give up cycling.

But when that time of year comes when the rain is one of the protagonists of our days, it is better to leave one's own ebike in the garage?

È sicuro guidare la tua bici elettrica con la pioggia?

The answer is yes. Assicurati che la tua ebike sia stata testata per la guida sotto la pioggia (non tutti i modelli lo sono) dopodiché basta seguire alcuni semplici consigli e puoi viaggiare tranquillamente in sella alla tua bici elettrica anche quando piove, in totale sicurezza e senza rischiare di danneggiarla a causa dell’acqua. Devi sapere che le bici elettriche sono efficaci indipendentemente dalle condizioni metereologiche ma le parti elettroniche come display, battery e engine are still vulnerable to water.

What to do then?

iO InBicy Power Mivice Bi-drive
iO InBicy Power

I consigli per guidare la tua bici elettrica quando piove

Here is a list of what to keep in mind when riding your ebike in the rain.

Do not cross deep water

È sconsigliato attraversare le pozzanghere o pedalare dove l’acqua è profonda sia con una bici elettrica che con una bici muscolare, tuttavia, se desideri ugualmente attraversare una pozzanghera per divertirti con i bambini e schizzare un po’ di acqua (speriamo tu abbia almeno i parafanghi) conviene spegnere l’impianto elettrico e continuare la pedalata senza alimentazione.

Certo, se ti dovesse capitare involontariamente di attraversare una pozzanghera dopo non puoi sapere se l’acqua è entrata o meno nel engine or in thebattery housingIn this case, it is recommended not to switch the power on again until you are sure that the sensitive parts are dry, thus avoiding a short circuit.

For longer journeys in the rain, the best solution is to protect the battery and the display, the electrical components that are most sensitive to moisture, with appropriate covers. It is also good to prevent the electric bike from getting wet if it is parked outdoors.

Yuba Kombi E5
Yuba Kombi E5

Greater caution when driving

You can never be too careful, especially when riding in the wet. The asphalt is more slippery when it rains, visibility is also affected by the intensity of the rain, and you may find unexpected objects obstructing your peaceful pedalling.

It is crucial to be cautious about these aspects in particular:

  • brakingWhen the road is wet it is necessary to brake a few seconds in advance, to avoid skidding or spinning the wheels avoid hard braking in any way and use the brake gently;
  • speedThe thrill of speed and the wind rushing behind you is unique but when riding your ebike in the rain it is less risky if you ride more slowly, this allows you to stop more quickly without risking losing control of the bike and slipping;
  • avoids slippery stretches such as white lines and metal manhole covers, are the most slippery spots you can find in the street, as are leaves, traces of oil or petrol and sheets of paper;
  • protrusionsAvoid walking near protrusions such as the edge of a pavement or a bank, you are better off keeping your tyre rubber on the road.

Following these simple steps will allow you to ride your ebike in complete safety, avoiding accidents or simple falls that can not only hurt you but also damage your bike.

Yuba Fastrack
Yuba Fastrack

Clean and dry your ebike

After a ride in the rain, it is a good habit to clean and dry both the frame and the rest of the components of the bike, especially the batteryThis helps you detect any damage and keep your bike in perfect condition, preventing wear and tear on the most sensitive parts.

Regarding the battery Pull it out and clean it with a soft, clean cloth to prevent mud or dirt from getting into the contact points with the risk of damaging the electronics. You can also use an air compressor or leaf blower to disperse water in sensitive spots or as a simple precaution if you fear water has penetrated. To be even more sure that the battery has not been damaged, leave it outside the bike for a few hours and wait for everything to dry out properly.

Use the right and safest equipment

Make yourself visible with front and rear lights and reflective clothing when the rain is pouring down, always use a helmet and protect your eyes with a visor or clear glasses. In addition to wearing clothing suitable for getting wet, such as waterproof fleece jackets and gloves to keep warm, ideally you should protect your cargo, such as notebook backpacks, with ziplock bags and rain protection.

iO InBicy Power
iO InBicy Power

Posso guidare la mia bici elettrica con la pioggia!

In inverno, quando la temperatura è più gelida e le giornate di pioggia sono più frequenti, guidare l’ebike è più che fattibile! Una volta adottate queste semplici precauzioni e norme di comportamento, per tutelare la sicurezza in strada tua e l’incolumità della tua ebike, puoi continuare a muoverti in sella alla tua fedelissima due ruote anche quando la pioggia sembra volertelo impedire!


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