The ranking of cities with the most traffic accidents:

The arrival of the pandemic has caused quite a few health and economic disruptions and many sectors have undergone major changes. First and foremost, the transport sector and, specifically, mobility and road accidents have improved greatly!

In 2020, according to official ISTAT sources, there was a record decrease in the number of road accidents and people involved. The fact that, in general, governments had almost completely blocked the mobility of people during certain times of the year may explain these figures. These precautions were taken primarily to contain contagions and limit the second wave of the pandemic, and it is road safety that benefits in the medium term!

Road accidents and road fatalities: positive numbers

In fact, with regard to the number of victims and injured in road accidents, we recorded a decrease of 24.5 % and 34%, respectively, compared to 2019. Analysing the number of road accidents in 2020, we recorded a decrease of 31.3% compared to the previous year. The decrease in accidents affects all road areas such as urban and suburban roads and motorways.

In general, therefore, the number of fatalities for different road users has been reduced considerably (motorcyclists, pedestrians, lorry drivers,...) fortunately, but, on the other hand, the first fatality on an electric scooter in 2020 is reported.

These electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, thanks in part to new battery models and special internet offerings that enable super-fast communication between devices.

Based on this data, it was possible for prontobolletta to draw up a ranking of Italian cities taking into account the relative number of road accidents. Here we can see the complete ranking of the most dangerous cities from a road safety point of view.

The ranking

The ranking was based on the accident index (no. of accidents / 1000 inhabitants) of each city:

The ranking of cities with the most traffic accidents:

Curiosity about the ranking

Looking at the ranking, on the podium we find Bergamo, Genoa and Florence with an accident index of 8.37%, 7.23% and 6.45% respectively. These cities have been recording fairly high numbers of accidents in relation to the number of people they host for some years now. In particular, if we looked at this ranking for the past years 2019 and 2018, we would once again find Genoa and Bergamo in the top two positions.

This can also be traced back to the poor maintenance of the respective urban and suburban roads. In this regard, we can recall the tragic story of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, which collapsed on 14 August 2018 and claimed 43 lives.

As for the 3 safest cities on the road, on the other hand, we find the last positions occupied by Venice, Campobasso and Catanzaro with an accident index of 2.44%, 2.43% and 2.25% respectively. We can explain Venice's third-last place in this ranking on the basis of the lower number of cars and drivers compared to any other Italian city. Catanzaro and Campobasso are also confirmed in the last two positions for the years 2018 and 2019, generally signalling greater road safety.


Source: prontobolletta


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