Tour de Fans: An appointment not to be missed!

It has now been almost two months since the first episode of Tour de Fans, our monthly appointment on the

instagram where we chat with friends, customers and industry experts.

We at Donno Bikes are thrilled with the wonderful feedback we have received, there are always so many of you following us and this makes us

invites you to do better and better.


Tour de Fans has become to all intents and purposes an opportunity to tell about our incedible world and to discover

together all the secrets of our models.

Our priority is to connect with our users in a direct, transparent and authentic way.

You become the protagonists, asking us questions and telling us your stories and experiences

together with our guests.

The idea is precisely to tune in and especially interact with our friends and followers, to give you information

about our activities and our reality.

What is even more important, as we have mentioned, is the possibility of allowing our audience to send us

comments and questions in real time, taking advantage of the interactivity that Instagram provides.

We are sure that with time, stronger and stronger connections will be created between experts in the field and enthusiasts of

Bikes, we look forward to getting your feedback and giving you valuable insights into the topics you consider most



There are already three guests who have kept us company in recent months, telling us their stories, intriguing us and

giving us new insights and points of view.

During the first episode we let ourselves be infected by the energy and friendliness of our friend Antonio, who

told his story and gave us a lot of useful information about the Ahooga world.

Then it was the turn of Alessia who kept us company by telling us about her electric Yuba Kombi and Friday

5 March we look forward to having Achille, an exceptional cargo biker in the city of Naples, live with us.

Our communications department is already at work evaluating the next possible candidates.

If you too would like to tell your story and take part in our very popular event, just

contact us and propose the topic of your live broadcast.


We at Donno Bikes look forward to having you Live with us to share our passion for the bike world together.


Our manager is ready to answer all your questions and provide you with personalised advice. Just ask!

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