Turn your bicycle into a powerful electric bike

Turn your bicycle into an electric bike

Do you have a bicycle that you care a lot about and you don't want to change it? But do you sometimes leave it in the garage because the distance to cover is a bit too much and you don't want to arrive all sweaty? Do you also think about buying an electric bike, but don't because you care about yours?

So at Donno bikes you can have your cake and eat it too!

Just put a powerful, designer motor on your beloved bike and turn it into your own electric bicycle.

The intelligent motor we fit you with allows you to choose between, most of the time, using your legs, or a substantial electric aid just when you need it.

So you always have your bike with which you can do your workouts, a proper exercise to stay fit, and at the same time a powerful means of transport you can rely on.

Do you have a climb to make? Do you need to arrive at work fresh? Do you need to cover more kilometres? Our engine will help you.

The designer bottle battery will enhance the look of your bike and add even more style to it.

We will study with you the best solution among the various motors we fit. Our choice of motors that we propose to mount on your bicycle is based only on high-performance motors, in full compliance with European and Italian regulations and a beautiful design to enhance your bicycle.

We have extensive experience in fitting engines to bicycles of various kinds, from mountain bikes to city bikes and even cargo bikes also known as CARGO BIKES.

Entrust your bike to us and we will treat it with care and respect to turn it into a high-performance, efficient cargo bike.

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