Women's bicycles: How to choose the best model for your needs

Women's bicycles are indispensable tools that are becoming increasingly fashionable for many modern mothers! Whether you are looking for a lightweight and practical bicycle for everyday commuting or a versatile solution that can adapt to family needs, finding the right model can make all the difference in your daily life. In this article, we will see how the world of bicycles is expanding and explore different options to help you choose the perfect women's bicycle for you!

First of all, to choose the perfect women's bicycle for you, it is important to know these factors:

  • Weight and load capacity: If you are considering a cargo bike or a bicycle with passenger transport, make sure you know the load capacity of the model you are considering and that it is adequate for the weight you plan to carry, be it a passenger, or other loads.
  • Type of route and daily distanceAlso consider the distance you intend to cover each day. If you live in an area with steep climbs or rough terrain, you may need a model with a more powerful electric motor to easily tackle the roads you travel. Also consider your daily distance so that you can choose an electric motor that can meet your range requirements.
  • Vehicle safetyAlways make sure that the bicycle you are considering is certified for road homologation. This certificate confirms that the bicycle complies with safety regulations and can be legally used on the road. In particular, if you are considering a bicycle that carries passengers or loads, make sure that the declared load capacity is sufficient to safely transport the intended weight.

Let us now look together at the types of women's bicycles that we can find on the market

Women's bicycles - Yuba Kombi
Yuba Kombi

Women's electric bicycle with pedal assistance

For women who lead hectic lives, or mothers who have to transport their children to school, it is very easy to opt to use a car, especially for those who live in areas with steep climbs or long distances.

This in the long run, leads to a sedentary life, spending a lot on petrol, car maintenance, insurance and all the expenses necessary to maintain the car. This increases stress because of the high costs to be borne. Not to mention the traffic and danger one is subjected to every day.

But now you can change your strategy! The electric women's bicycle offers a pedalling-assisted experience that can make travelling easier and less tiring. With motors with different power ratings (such as Bafang, Mivice or Bosch) that can reach over 100 Nm of torque, they allow you to tackle steep climbs and long distances effortlessly. So not only will you get to your destination quickly, it will also be fun! You will avoid those annoying traffic jams in the car. And you can transport your children, shopping bags, pets or even your partner!

Women's bicycles - Yuba Kombi E5
Yuba Kombi E5

Women's city bike

Women's city bicycles are designed for urban life, offering a mix of lightness, practicality and style. The Ahooga brand has designed some of the best electric and muscle bicycles on the market, capable of adapting to every need. From folding bikes such as the Ahooga Power 36v, ideal for those who need a model that takes up little space, to bikes without gearboxes such as the Ahooga Urban that guarantee a smooth ride, for cyclists who cover many kilometres every day and want a fast and smooth ride.

Women's bicycle with child seat

For mothers, women's bikes such as the Cargo Bike allow them to transport their children safely. There are many models with load capacities of up to 300 kg, which allow both children and adults to be transported. With a robust and stable design, these bikes are designed for maximum safety and comfort even for large families!

Each Cargo Bike can be equipped differently, from seats for the smallest to cushions with protective poles for the largest. Furthermore, depending on requirements, we have different motors with power ratings up to 500 watts. If you live in hilly areas, or need to transport passengers or heavy loads, always remember to mention this to the supplier, who will help you choose the model and motor that best suits your needs.

To help you understand the wide range of models available, I will list four of the top types of women's bicycles on the market:

Women's bicycles - Yuba Spicy Curry
Yuba Spicy Curry

The 4 best women's bicycles:

iO InBicy

A real star in the world of women's bicycles. Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design award and exhibited at the Essen museum in Germany, this model boasts a formidable design that is sure to make you look good with your colleagues at work. But its features are not just limited to aesthetics! With its innovative Flash Switch system, the iO InBicy can turn into anything you want in seconds. Need to pick up the kids from school? Mount the rack and seats and you're ready to go! Need to go shopping?

Just add the front rack and basket and you'll be ready for errands. And if you have to go to work, you can easily remove the luggage racks and the bike turns into the perfect city bike that will take you everywhere. In addition, there are several motor options such as the Bafang motor with 250w, 350w or 500w power, depending on your needs for gradients or weight to be carried, or the Mivice motor, a powerful option ideal for tackling uphill roads.

This bike is also perfect for hiking in nature, with its ultra-durable tyres. In addition, the B-Dampened version has just been released! With cushioning in the saddle and fork, it offers an extra level of safety for you and your family.

Women's bicycles - iO InBicy
iO InBicy

Modular Ahooga

a city bike that becomes a cargo bike in seconds! It offers two frame types: high-barrel, recommended for those between 170 cm and 200 cm, and low-barrel, perfect for those between 150 cm and 165 cm. With a maximum load capacity of 175 kg, this bike also allows you to carry a passenger in the back.

Its versatility doesn't end there! It can be quickly transformed into a cargo bike thanks to the removable front and rear racks. In addition, the space-saving 'Twistlock' method allows the handlebars to be rotated 90 degrees, reducing the space occupied by the 65%. The pedals are removable and offer additional space-saving and anti-theft security!

Women's bicycles - Ahooga Modular
Modular Ahooga

Yuba Kombi

The perfect choice for mothers with two children. With a load capacity of 200 kg, this bike offers stability and comfort at an affordable price. It can also be parked vertically to maximise space. It can be in different versions with the Shimano motor (steps e5000 and steps e6000) or also with the Bafang motor that can be 250w, 350w and 500w, depending on climbing and loading requirements. A Bi-Adjustable version of this model was also recently introduced, for an extra level of safety with shock absorbers in the saddle and fork area, making it perfect for the whole family!

Women's bicycles - Yuba Kombi
Yuba Kombi

Yuba Mundo

Do you have a large family? With this model, you can carry up to 3 passengers in the rear roof rack! The Yuba Mundo has a 97 cm long rear rack and a load capacity of 250 kg. With a 250w, 350w or 500w Bafang motor, the Yuba Mundo allows you to go anywhere with confidence, offering the flexibility and safety you need. Not surprisingly, it is nicknamed the SUV on two wheels!

With a wide range of options available, finding the perfect women's bicycle for your needs has never been easier! Thanks to the revolution in the bicycle world, you can enjoy multi-functionality, cutting car costs in half and enjoying quality time outdoors! Whether you're going to the office, shopping, or taking your kids to school! Choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and get ready to enjoy your adventures on two wheels!

Women's bicycles - Yuba Mundo
Yuba Mundo

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